McCain May Be Out Longer – Time To Put Old RINO Out To Pasture

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Senator John McCain may be getting a little backhanded revenge on his nemesis, President Trump, at least in the short term, and all he had to do was have his empty skull operated on. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced on Saturday that he was going to delay the vote on the Obamacare replacement until McCain came back, needing every vote and then some for passage.

If he had a chance at passage that’s probably unwelcome news for the President. If failure was inevitable, McCain is providing him with cover. That’s surely a motivator for the spiteful old curmudgeon to get back to the Senate.

Now doctors are saying that the original timeframe for McCain’s return was overly optimistic and that he may be out for an additional week or two. McCain’s office issued a statement saying a two-inch blood clot had been removed from “above his left eye” during a “minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision.” at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, “following a routine annual physical.”

Some symptoms likely led the doctors to look, not a routine check up

The New York Times spoke with neurosurgeons who were not involved with the McCain case who explained that a craniotomy is an opening of the skull, and that an eyebrow incision would be used to reach a clot in or near the left frontal lobes of the brain. Dr. Nrupen Baxi, an assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City put the recovery time for that type of procedure at “a few weeks.”

McCain’s nonsensical questioning of James Comey in Senate hearings in June prompted questions regarding his mental fitness. This may indicate his explanation of staying up too late watching a baseball game was just more of what we always get from McCain. We’ll call them falsehoods, out of an undue abundance of respect for this sick and elderly individual.

Doctor Baxi said, “Usually, a blood clot like this is discovered when patients have symptoms, whether it’s a seizure or headaches or weakness or speech difficulties. Generally, it’s not found on a routine physical because doctors would not know to look for it.” His questioning could have led to a closer examination or there might have been other warning signs.

The cause of the clot was not disclosed but possibilities include a fall or other type of blow to the head, a stroke or some brain changes associated with aging. McCain is 80.

McCain has a history of melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer that can spread to the brain and cause bleeding. That cancer history could have prompted Mr. McCain’s doctors to scan his brain even in the absence of symptoms, some doctors said.

If RINO McCain retired, the GOP Governor could appoint a real Republican

McCain could always just go ahead and retire, let the Arizona governor appoint someone to finish out his term. Maybe he could appoint a real Republican who isn’t a RINO and an enemy of the American people. That would be a welcome, refreshing change for a state that currently sends McCain and Flake to the Senate floor.

“Arizona is one of 36 states in which the governor makes an appointment to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy, and the appointee serves until the next regularly-scheduled, statewide general election. The person elected at that next regularly-held general election serves for the remainder of the unexpired term, if any.  If the term was set to expire at that general election, the person elected serves a full six-year term. The governor’s appointee must be of the same political party as that of the vacating Senator.”

McCain is resting at home, said to be comfortable and awaiting the tissue pathology reports. Do the right thing, McCain, for once. Stay home, announce your retirement, give the country a break.


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