McCain Jumps All Over Reporter For Asking If He’s Going To Be Cantankerous

john mccain

In keeping with his image of the grumpy old man who puts on his steel toe shoes before going out to kick the neighborhood kids off of his lawn, Senator John McCain jumped all over a reporter for asking him a simple and reasonable question.

It’s a question that, given the crotchety nature of the globalist agitator and his history is more than a fair one. The reporter asked, “Has your relationship with the President frayed to the point that you are not going to support anything that he comes to you and asks for?”

The implication is that McCain hasn’t already been behaving in that manner and doing so since day one of the Trump Presidency. The exceptions are when President Trump essentially comes to McCain with a McCain proposal, something of the nature of cruise missiles into Syria.

Anything that involves a declaration of war or sanctions against Russia would surely also get the full McCain endorsement, but that would again be President Trump bringing McCain his own paperwork to sign off on.

McCain went on to viciously read the reporter the riot act, who stood silently as the addled old has been did his best to be remembered for who he truly was. The grouch replied, “Why would you say something that stupid? Why would you ask something that dumb, huh?”

He continued, “My job as a United States Senator, as a Senator from Arizona, which I was just reelected to – you mean that I am somehow going to behave in a way that I would block everything because of some personal disagreement? That’s a dumb question.”

So then the answer is yes or no, McCain, since you call it dumb but it’s consistent with your past behavior. Remember the healthcare votes? Or were those votes just you carrying out the wishes of your financiers, so you don’t consider it personal. Maybe it’s just because everybody knows what a lying A-hole you are, and it’s a very valid question indeed.

Forget the fairy tale about being a war hero. McCain is a sellout who betrayed his country and continues to do so on a daily basis. He apparently hates himself for it and everyone around him. McCain is and always has been a mean, ill-tempered, miserable guy who nobody wants to be around.

That’s how he’ll be remembered when mercifully he’s forced out of the Senate.

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5 Comments on McCain Jumps All Over Reporter For Asking If He’s Going To Be Cantankerous

  1. Grumpy Old Man—-WRONG; he is just a freckin Grump. Sleazy comes to mind when I see his pic.

  2. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 18, 2017 at 2:12 pm // Reply

    John McCain’t was a Hero to Jane Fonda for being Hanoi’s SongBird!

  3. Watcher (Nancy) // October 18, 2017 at 8:29 am // Reply

    There is a day coming, and it isn’t that far down the dusty road either, when these SKUM that have been skimmed off the lowest snakiest stagnant pond in the entire country… these class-LESS, hollow men, these snarky, arrogant, bloated, ragged left-overs of human beings….
    …. DEEPLY REGRET having successfully turned every man’s hand against them.

  4. When you look at this picture, look at his eyes. The pupils are dilated really dark. He is on something and he should not be playing the game of senator. Send him somewhere other than being near a vote. The question was the right one to ask but this old heathen is a hateful man that thinks everyone should bow down to him. Time to go McCOWARD!

  5. What a despicable POS. It amazes me how so many agree he is a POS but say he is OK because he is a war hero. The “song bird” has them fooled.

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