McCain Gave Fake News Sex Story To Comey To Damage Trump – Bare Knuckles Time

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In light of his recent conduct, one might ask “morals McCain” what he would do if he were presented with a document by a “former British intelligence agent” or a fellow establishment anti-Trump operative working for the Military Industrial Complex, that detailed events in which Lindsey Graham, during a recent trip to the former Soviet republic of Georgia, had some of their male “contacts” urinate on a bed because of who had formerly slept in it.

Would McCain have been so quick to turn the supposed “intelligence” over to the FBI? Undoubtedly not. He might even have complained to Graham for his not having been invited for the “fun.” And once their childish demonstration of frustrated manhood was completed, Lindsey would have to sleep in the bed. Did he not think of that in the beginning or was that also part of the attraction?

Of course Graham probably didn’t engage in such behavior and never does anything without McCain by his side to begin with, so a report of that nature would, just as with the case of Mr. Trump, qualify as fake news. It’s a made up story, there’s nothing of substance to it and it’s obviously not worth repeating. But if Donald Trump is the supposed perpetrator, it doesn’t need to be true. McCain giddily handed it off to Comey for further review. After all, the Russians, blah, blah, blah.

A story that Mr. Trump had some prostitutes urinate on a bed in Moscow in a room that he was staying in is even more ridiculous and less relevant. First of all, at least he’s all heterosexual, a refreshing change from the primping princess we’ve had in there for eight years. Secondly, anyone who stays in a nice hotel in Russia expects that there may be surveillance devices planted and would, unless they were drunk or something, avoid compromising situations. Mr. Trump doesn’t drink and never has. Thirdly, as Trump has stated himself and those who know him will verify, he’s a germophobe. He wouldn’t allow that type of behavior where he’s going to be sleeping.

Fourth and most compelling, the bed was already defiled by virtue of the fact that Obama and his domestic partner had stayed there. If anything, a urine treatment might have served to disinfect it. A simpler solution to that problem would have been to ask the girls, had they ever existed, to help him flip the mattress.

As it turns out the entire story, from its anonymous sources to the release by Buzzardfood “News” and their similarly ethics challenged partner in the debacle, CNN, is being proven to be exactly what the mainstream liberal propagandists specialize in, fake news. It’s the same kind of crap that they used when they, MSNBC, NBC and others introduced us to a series of supposed lady friends of Mr. Trump from past decades who had “something they suddenly and urgently needed to get off of their chests.”

What’s makes all of this worse is the fact that it took place and the story appears to have been planted as a troll of the intelligence community by an anonymous source on 4chan as well as establishment GOP anti-Trump operative Rick Wilson. He was likely the source who passed it on to McCain, who was all-too-willing to do his “duty,” and hand it off to his friend, FBI Director Comey. Comey wouldn’t prosecute the “guilty as sin” Hillary Clinton but this case deserves special attention. After all it’s about McCain’s two greatest rivals in the world, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

It’s past time to take the gloves off, it’s time to burn them. The fight for America is going to be a dirty one. McCain, Graham and the establishment GOP are aligned with the Democrats to defeat Mr. Trump because he and we, the people, are the single greatest threats to their continuation in power. There’s no need to pretend any longer. They’re not going to reconcile and work with Mr. Trump for the future of America, it’s their futures they’re concerned with.

They will fight him every step of the way from the fringes of subversion. The establishment doesn’t deserve the time of day from the American public or Mr. Trump. They are the enemy, both parties, as are their media accomplices. Nobody cares what they want, think or say. There is no reason to be nice. Trump has the upper hand. He has the presidency and the people. Let’s get busy and save this country. The Hell with McCain, Soros and their ilk.

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