McCain Calls Comey The Most Respected Person In America – He Wasn’t Joking

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Most Trump supporters were curious about the President’s decision to keep FBI Director James Comey in that position after he was sworn in and thought that there must be something we didn’t know, some type of greater good that was secretly being served that, once revealed, would be recognized as a stroke of brilliance, one of those great deals that President Trump is known for.

Unfortunately it now seems like it was exactly what it looked like it was on the outside, an attempt to salvage an employee and avoid the interruption and the second guessing that would have been associated with firing him at that time. In hindsight, it would have been better to have fired him then. It’s Monday morning, our team should have gone for the two point conversion and the win rather than kicking the point after to tie.

CNN reporter Manu Raju went back to old, reliable, anti-Trump establishment RINO John McCain for some material to use in his latest hit piece on the President. McCain can almost always be counted on to criticize the President, the exception being when explosions can be heard in the background or arms are going to terrorists.

Raju contrasted the establishment tool from Arizona with the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who suddenly discovered a the purpose of testosterone and is supporting the President against those aligned with Democrats and calling for increased intervention in the Russia witch hunt.

It’s A Question Too Ignorant For Even McCain To Take The Bait On

Raju starts off with an ignorant question given the fact that the so-called Russia investigation has been ongoing since President Trump was elected and during the entirety of his Presidency. He asked McCain, “Sir, does it also worry you that this firing came right at the same time as the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign connections to Russia?” It’s a question too ignorant for McCain to take the bait on, replying with a non-committal “I think they’ve been investigating the Trump campaigns connections to Russia for a long time.”

You mean they’ve been trying to dig up dirt, including through Hussein Obama’s office and his NSA and other staff for a long time and breaking the law in the process, don’t you McCain? Did you mean to ask why the failure to pursue that illegality on the part of the Obama regime, the ignoring of the spying on President Trump and his team, isn’t sufficient for Comey to be being fired over, Johnny boy?

McCain sees efficiency as the litmus test for whether an action is appropriate or not. He chuckles, “I just think that it obviously was not done in an efficient fashion, but [rude cough into microphone] when you fire probably, arguably the most respected person in America, you’d better have a very good explanation and so far I haven’t seen that.” Maybe that’s because your head is stuck up in the darkest reaches of your butt, Senator. It’s probably a little tough to breathe too, we would imagine.

How can he call the man who Republicans and Democrats have both assailed as an inept boob, with both calling at various times for his firing, the most respected man in America? Compared to McCain himself, his girlfriend Lindsey Graham or Hussein Obama, that might be true. Broaden the pool beyond those three and it becomes a laughable falsehood.

Raju asks McCain if he doesn’t buy the explanation that Comey mishandled the Clinton emails. Actually it was Clinton, Abedin and Mills, among others, who mishandled the emailsk, Raju. Comey just butchered the investigation and covered up the guilt, declining to recommend prosecution.

Regarding the FBI Director, who serves at the pleasure of the President, Amnesty Juan said, “I don’t believe that that is sufficient rationale for removing the director of the FBI and I regret that it’s happened.” Apparently now that position serves at the pleasure of a crappy turncoat Senator from Arizona.

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