McCain Attacks Tillerson, Trump for Talking to Russia Instead of Waging War

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John McCain appeared with John Dickerson on Face the Nation, making a face for all of the nation in the process. He’s asked about comments made by Secretary of State Tillerson which are sure to send him into one of his usual unhinged, anti-Russia tirades. McCain didn’t disappoint.

Tillerson said regarding Russia, “By and large our objectives are exactly the same. How we get there, we each have a view. And maybe they’ve got the right approach and we’ve got the wrong approach.” Arming and recruiting terrorists, including those affiliated with ISIS,  al-Qaeda and their Syrian offshoot al-Nusra is the approach John McCain and his fellow neocons have been taking, what he feels is right.

McCain doesn’t believe anyone should question his approach, jumping to the defense of the White Helmets, who have been alleged to have links to the terrorists as well. It’s really not that complicated, the terrorists McCain and the neocons support are the good guys, the sovereign nation of Syria and their allies are the bad guys.

Responding to what Tillerson said, he says, “You can’t make that up” and repeats the attack that these “are the same people who use precision-guided weapons to strike hospitals,” claims which are widely disputed by those outside of the US propaganda machinery. McCain said that in preparing himself for the show mentally, that he had told himself, “John, you’re not going to get upset, you’re not going to get emotional.”

John didn’t listen to John. He says, “But I’ve met the white hats, I know what the slaughter has been.” He’s met the “rebels,” the al-Qaeda and ISIS linked “freedom fighters” too. He says, “I know that the Russians knew that Bashar al-Assad was going to use chemical weapons and to say that maybe we’ve got the wrong approach?”

McCain claims to know what is going on inside the minds of the Russians, he knows what they knew. It was Assad who used chemical weapons, not McCain’s “freedom terrorists.” How dare anyone question Songbird McCain’s approach.

McCain goes on to attack Tillerson in saying he agonized over whether to vote in support of his confirmation, saying, “He’s divorced a fundamental of American democracy the reason why we are the shining city on the hill, as Ronald Reagan used to say, is because they look up to us because of our principles and our beliefs and our advocacy of freedom.”

McCain says “It’s not whether they’re right and we’re wrong” He’s always right

“That’s what America’s supposed to be all about. Not whether they’re right and we’re wrong.” McCain doesn’t entertain the possibility that there might be a better approach, that he and his neocons could be wrong. War is always the answer, especially when there’s some prime real estate with a lot of wealth below ground to be had.

He ways, “We know who’s right and who’s wrong here.” It’s him, the military industrial complex and the fascist government components he serves that are “right.” They’ve got to get Syria out of Assad’s hands and a more globalist-friendly government installed or their plots don’t advance.

That means that Russia, Assad’s ally, must be forced out of Syria as well. That’s the reason why nothing President Trump does in regards to improving relations with Russia is acceptable to him or Lindsey Graham, the establishment, the neocons, the Democrats or anyone other than the American people who have no beef with Russia and much in common with them.

McCain inexplicably makes a face when mentioning “the American people,” as if he’s not quite comfortable with us. He shouldn’t be. He then goes on to equate the Tillerson nomination with the Obama team. Tillerson may not be a good guy and he might be pushing Obama refugee levels in defiance of President Trump, he may be subversive and need to be removed. But he’s no John Kerry or Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps that’s why McCain doesn’t care for him.

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8 Comments on McCain Attacks Tillerson, Trump for Talking to Russia Instead of Waging War

  1. McCain, the traitor, and his neocon cabal have too much $$ flowing through the laundry be on our side. They want war, it doesn’t matter who it’s with, Russia, N.K. China Syria. They don’t seem to squawk so much about Iran and the mooslims.

  2. Shirley Freeland // July 10, 2017 at 8:57 pm // Reply

    McCain must have Alzheimer’s. He isn’t sane. Anyone who wants war instead of peace for a Country is either insane to being paid by Soros to promote such action. He is a traitor to this Country so he obviously doesn’t have the best interest of our Country at heart. He has already proven that he is un American by his actions during the Vietnam war and afterwards. Arizona
    should check for voter fraud the last time he won because he was supported by Saudi Arabia and others dishonest people.

  3. Why is this thing McCain still running loose, have all the zoos been called.

  4. TONYA PARNELL // July 10, 2017 at 2:18 pm // Reply

    McCain is nothing more than a traitor to this country.

  5. TONYA PARNELL // July 10, 2017 at 2:17 pm // Reply


  6. If this “man” talks, I pay him no mind. He has no loyalty. He mocks what is right. He mocked the American people by his stupid look on his face that he made. I am sure he voted for more than Hussein’s cabinet members, too. He more than likely voted for Hussein both times.

    NEEDS TO SIT DOWN AND STFU HE AND HIS leftist globalist palas wont be happy until they have us in WAR WITH THE RUSSIANS.

  8. Every time McCain opens his mouth, his puppet strings show. He’s a joke. The only thing I take seriously are the people who actually vote for him – they are a clear and present danger.

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