McCain Attacks Sen Paul, Accuses Him Of “Now Working For The Russians”

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RINO John McCain is as completely on board with the “blame Russia for everything” strategy of war-mongering as anyone in the Senate outside of his “special friend” Lindsey Graham. His assignment on Tuesday called for vilifying Senator Rand Paul, something he’s never had a problem with and which is becoming increasingly attractive as Paul morphs into an ally of President Trump.

McCain warned his colleague, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) that if he opposed his effort he’d be committing and act as an agent of Russia. Songbird McCain stepped to the microphone, and said, “If there is objection and I note that the Senator from Kentucky on the floor, I will say before I read this. If there is objection, you are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin. You are achieving the objectives of trying to dismember this small country [Montenegro] that has already been the subject of attempted coup.”

Songbird McCain kept singing his tune, saying, “I have no idea why anyone would object to this except that I will say, if they object, they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of Vladimir Putin and I do not say that lightly.” So we understand that if someone has a difference of opinion with the establishment drama queen, they’re working for the enemy because he says they are. Gotcha, Johnny boy.

He then reads his bill and asks for unanimous consent. Senator Paul slaps him back by objecting before the request for objections can even be announced or he can be recognized. McCain apparently wants some more time to attack Senator Paul, who leaves the floor and forces McCain to attack him in absentia, another slap at the haughty little RINO.

That seems to have effectively pushed the McCain buttons as Senator Paul expected it would, with him then launching into more attacks. He said, “I note the Senator from Kentucky leaving the floor without justification (in his opinion) or any rationale for the action that he has just taken. That is really remarkable. That a Senator, blocking a treaty, that is supported by the overwhelming number, perhaps 98, at least, of his colleagues, would come to the floor and object and walk away.”

McCain really wanted that fight, that was likely why he chose to call him a tool of Vladimir Putin. If there is such overwhelming support then why can’t the bill go through regular order, McCain. And since when do treaties, as you describe this document, not need the Constitutionally required two-thirds approval for ratification by an actual vote?

The angry little RINO attacks, saying, “The only conclusion you can draw, when he walks away, is that he has no argument to be made.” He could just not want to waste his time on an idiot like McCain. McCain added, “He has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians.” (And which offers tremendous profit opportunity in arms sales for his sponsors, the Russia haters)

McCain closes saying, “So I repeat again. The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.” And you, Mr. McCain, are still working for George Soros, the military industrial complex and the global government cartel.

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  1. Patricia Anno // March 16, 2017 at 12:03 pm // Reply

    McCain has to pic his butt deeply to find new accusations.

  2. McCain and zero, same.

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