McAfee – CIA Left America Vulnerable To Known Weaknesses, Russia Claims Now Proven Hoax

john mcafee


Noting that the whole CIA revelations are “horrific,” computer security expert John McAfee wants to first than Julian Assange for his efforts, saying that contrary to what the CIA and FBI would like to do to him, he’d like to give him a medal.

He says of all the things that trouble him about the hack, what bothers him most is that the CIA knew of zero day exploits years in advance of the manufacturers of the software finding out. He says he understands they don’t want the zero day exploits to fall into the hands of the enemy because then they’ll take advantage of them, but they and did nothing, comparing it to sitting on a boatload of vaccine during an epidemic.

They discuss the CIA Umbrage group, which can mimic other actors, taking on the appearance of and falsely pointing to another entity, such as Russia in a political party hacking hoax. He says all hackers have the ability to place into their malware indicators that make it look as if someone else is responsible. He notes that if it really was Russia, “they are far more clever than to leave those traces in the program. Also the program was a year and a half old, so more than likely it was a fifteen-year-old kid somewhere, or maybe the CIA, but it could not have been Russia. And I’ve kept saying that over and over and thank the Lord the CIA has confirmed that that is exactly how it works, that they make it look like somebody else.”

After playing a clip of Lt Col Tony Shaffer on Fox pointing the finger at former members of NSA, retired intelligence officers, used the tools exposed in the WikiLeaks Vault7 to break into the DNC and that the Democrats won’t let the truth be told because it doesn’t fit their “Trump and the Russians are colluding narrative.

He asked, “Where do we go to fix this?” After a pause, McAfee says, “We need a new paradigm, we need a totally new paradigm. If John O. Brennan and Michael Hayden, who were the past CIA directors under Obama, if they were here I would like to say, shame, shame on you. You are supposed to be the shepherd for the flock of American citizens, to protect us. And yet you kept from us all of those things, these zero day exploits for years, while we suffered and lost billions and our industry’s credibility went down. What were you thinking?”

He points out that the $100 billion that Obama funneled to the CIA to create this hacking arsenal was money wasted as it was all just taken from them, stolen with nothing to show for it.” He says, “All cyber tools are stolen. There are no secrets in this world. Because as sophisticated as the CIA is at developing weaponized software, they’re just as ignorant of cyber security measures. Because we have none in this world. They knew at some point they’d be taken. And this time next year it’s going to be on the dark web and a 15-year-old kid can buy the entire set for $100. This is the reality. This is the tragic situation that we are in.”

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