May Day Mayhem – Thug Attacks Innocent, Unarmed Students At UT – Stabs Four, One Dead

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A stabbing incident has taken place at the University of Texas at Austin, in which one person has apparently been killed. The reporter who arrived on the scene shortly after the incident took place about after the area where the incident had been taped off, was there to document the Antifa terrorists in their anticipated thuggery surrounding May first May Day activities.

Their own celebration of International Workers Day, the communist day that shares the spot on the calendar was likely to have taken place through the beating of innocent people but instead someone beat them to the punch. A lone attacker stabbed four students, killing one. Unless he was working for them, they just got upstaged.

The report indicates the students were simply minding their own business, eating at a picnic table outside when the attacker approached them and plunged his knife into the table. He then looked at each of them, removed the knife and struck into the neck area of one of the students. He then stabbed another student in the back and kidney area, prompting a call to run being shouted out and the mass exit of students.

One body lies on the ground in the video, shot at the UT campus. The thug perpetrator has been arrested and is identified as 21-year-old Kendrex J. White, a student at the university. The deceased victim reportedly handed his phone to a random girl, told her to dial his mom and tell her goodbye before passing away.  

The UT gun free zone once again has created a thug safe zone for murder. Does any government official want to address that issue, the real issue? How about investigating George Soros for his financing of global and domestic terrorism and anti-American activities, the BLM mindset and the Antifa thug operations that are of his creation. That chaos had been announced as to have been taking place on UT on this day.

Maybe one more innocent death, millions in property damage and brutal beatings isn’t enough. Perhaps it will have to wait for the death of some of the Soros thugs to draw a reaction from Democrats, then the media will follow along and eventually, the gutless politicians might do something.

The good people of this nation have already had enough of this nonsense. Someone who lost a loved one is going to someday just lose it, and take matters into their own hands. Good people will only restrain themselves for so long and when they retaliate, it will be fierce.

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5 Comments on May Day Mayhem – Thug Attacks Innocent, Unarmed Students At UT – Stabs Four, One Dead

  1. Andy Miller // May 2, 2017 at 7:39 am // Reply

    Knives and guns don’t kill people, people kill people when is America going to hold the people accountable that promote these acts of violence! SOROS!!!!!

  2. P.S. As terrible as a lot of this crap is, we must be careful not to overreact in retaliation. That is just what these assholes behind all this stuff want – to get the mayhem escalated – ‘Chaos’ – to such a degree as to impose ‘Order’ out of it. Their Order. Not ours.

    Not to take it ‘in stride’. Just in awareness.

  3. This is all just disgusting stuff. First of all, it shouldn’t be that difficult to trace where the money is coming from to fund the likes of BLM – there already seems to be evidence that it comes at least in part from Soros-funded fronts – and if/when they engage in violence, the money bags goes down with them. Secondly, these thugs in balaclavas should never have been able to get away with covering their ID that way: Anybody masking themselves gets taken in, mug shot, fingerprinted, and goes into the record as to who they are. And into the slammer at least overnight. And WE TAKE BACK OUR STREETS FROM THESE THUGS.

    • Honorable USA citizen would you pay the admission, where the ticket sales would be used to reduce the USA debt, to see the hanging of Soros.

  4. Almost unbelievable! God Bless this poor student.

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