Maxine Waters – Trump So Divisive, Separating Americans From Foreign Infiltrators Is Un-American

maxine waters


Rep Maxine Waters should try to keep her references to dog whistles during her rants to a minimum.  While it is kind of a hip media – political term to throw around, given her physical appearance many problem wonder if she’s describing a sound she actually hears. With a mouth like that she’s probably great at catching Frisbees too.

Proving that CNN doesn’t have a monopoly on the production of fake news, Waters and Joy Reid attempt to make something out of nothing, attacking President Trump on the issue of what they like to sanitize as  immigration. It’s more correctly referred to as an invasion as immigration implies the rule of law, a structure of law and a system for entry. These scofflaws are just coming, in spite of our laws. They’re invaders. Use the proper terminology “ladies,” or you’re likely to misconstrue and misstate something.

President Trump told the crowd at the 100th day Harrisburg, PA rally, “Year after year you’ve pleaded for Washington to enforce our laws. As illegal immigration surged, refugees flooded in, and lax vetting threatened your family’s safety and security. Your please have finally been [answered]. ” He added, “Oh don’t worry, we’re going to have the wall. Don’t worry about it.”

Reid then proceeds to unhook the leash from Waters’ choke collar, saying, “Your response, Congresswoman.” Waters, always one to throw around the term racist when it’s directed at a white person, says, “That is absolutely racist, that’s that dog whistling, that’s saying to people, ‘This is what is happening in America with you and all the problems that we have.” No, President Trump wouldn’t utter such an idiotic statement, Waters, you’re hearing things again.

She continues with her distortions and nonsensical proclamations, saying, “He is using the Latino population and Mexicans right across the border to create fear.” Aren’t Mexicans Latino’s and he’s not talking about the ones across the border, it’s the ones on this side of the border that are the problem, dunderhead.

The idiot continues, “In his constituency and those people who tend to want to believe that.” Those would be the people who understand what’s going on and don’t just mindlessly accept the empty drivel coming out of gaping, septic holes such as the one just above Waters’ chin.

She says, “It is absolutely divisive, no leader, no President should be saying and doing the kinds of things that he’s doing, just to keep a constituency together. It’s outrageous.” Yeah, Maxine, isn’t it awful, President Trump dividing the Americans from the invading horde that’s hear to steal our country and trying to give it back to us. What kind of a President is he?

Waters may actually be too stupid to understand an invasion is going on, but it’s not likely. She’s just a long-term democrat who views everything through the lens of political manipulation. She understands that an invasion is underway and that it will destroy the country. As a Democrat she supports it, That’s what the UN was created for, to take over when the Democrats’ work for global communism is through and so is the United States of America.

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