Maxine Waters Told Colleague To “Shut Up” – Kicked Off House Floor Mid-Rant, Still The Same

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Wine, as we all know, improves with age; a partially drank beer does not. At age 78, Maxine Waters is one of those morning-after party leftovers strewn around the House, the removal of which should always be the first act of cleaning up. The contents are nothing more than a distasteful, repulsive, vomit inducing mixture of room temperature Schlitz and stale saliva. The Democrat Party always leaves a big mess and it seems we’re always having to clean it up. Be sure to wear gloves.

Back in 1994 the heat was getting too intense for a Whitewater witness, Margaret Williams, Hillary Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff. Williams was being questioned about the criminal activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the occupants of the White House at the time. Rep Peter King was accused of badgering the evasive witness, in the initial effort by the chairman to protect the Clinton protector.

Big mouth Maxine took over from that point, inserting herself and her cloud of chaos, as some kind of deputy chairman or on some other false pretext, to declare that Rep King was out of order and successfully interrupt the process.

King said, “I don’t think Ms Waters has anything to do with this line of questioning, Mr. Chairman, telling her she “had her chance, why don’t you just sit there” and that she’s “always out of order.” Waters replied with a thoughtful, “You are out of order, shut up.” The exchange continued and carried over to the following day’s comments on the House floor.

Rep King spelled out exactly what had happened in his remarks, how improper the actions of the Democrats, particularly Waters were, saying, “This, even for the ‘gentle lady” from California, when to a new low.”

Waters is then given her chance to speak, taking the typical identity politics positions that the Democrats have since become infamous for.  She rails about Rep King having to be gaveled out of order, just moments before she is threatened with being removed by the Sergeant-at-Arms for her imminent outlandish and out of control misconduct.

She said, “He had to be gaveled out of order because he badgered a woman, who was a witness, from the White House, Maggie Williams. I’m pleased I was able to come to her defense. Madam Chairwoman, the day is over when men can badger and intimidate women.” The sexist accusations result in a call for her words to be taken down, but Waters continues, ignoring the increasingly serious nature of the complaints against her, right up to the point where she determines she’s either going to leave on her own or be removed.

Even in 1994, 23 years ago, Waters was playing the same divisive role as point-agitator for the Democrat Party that she does today in her incessant calls for the impeachment of President Trump. There are words for a woman like Waters, and we all know what they are. None of them are in the slightest way complimentary.

As keen as Waters claims to be on not-offending females, in describing her it might be appropriate to apologize in advance to any female dogs who might be angered by the natural common identifier.

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7 Comments on Maxine Waters Told Colleague To “Shut Up” – Kicked Off House Floor Mid-Rant, Still The Same

  1. radman414 // May 3, 2017 at 11:01 pm // Reply

    If people have been listening to her rambling and disjointed rhetoric lately, it seems apparent that a temporary involuntary commitment is called for…so that she can be professionally evaluated for a serious mental issue.

  2. The first is there a typo in the article – 1974 should be 1994 I think. 🙂 Maxine Waters is a typical “Progressive” who is not capable of rational thought and is as corrupt as they come. She apparently does not even live in the district she is supposed to represent.

  3. Bob Velon // May 3, 2017 at 8:27 am // Reply

    Yes!! They are both ghetto rats.. Time she retired or forced out…Democrats are all the same regardless of color..

  4. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // May 3, 2017 at 7:01 am // Reply

    This Big Black Mouth waters has….Crap running out of her mouth needs to GO out to pasture….and take that Big Black mouth Cummins with her he is as Despicable & Disgusting…they have NO Class…..Ghetto Trash.

  5. Edie Faylor // May 3, 2017 at 4:46 am // Reply

    Is it not time for the old bag to retire?

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