Mattis Being Obstructed By Pentagon Traitors Loyal To Obama, Not America

gen mattis


Secretary of Defense General James Mattis knows that there are huge problems facing our military after eight years of neglect and deliberate sabotage by the Obama anti-American globalists. He knows that we have a serious military readiness problem, exemplified in a report last week by The Vice Joint Chiefs of Staff which highlighted our serious lack of military readiness.

They warned that a lack of military readiness across all branches was putting the military’s capabilities in jeopardy, citing the harsh realities that only three of the Army’s 58 brigade combat teams are ready for combat and less than half of our Air Force’s aging fleet is fight-ready.

Those are serious problems and the impediments to correcting that legacy of vulnerability left by Hussein Obama are equally serious. Many of those impediments are of the human type, turncoat holdovers from the Obama regime who are deliberately obstructing efforts to correct the problems.

House Armed Services Committee chairman Mac Thornberry expressed his distress on Thursday, saying, “I am concerned that … to fix these problems [it] is going to take a lot more money, and yet a lot of the folks who are coming up with the budget to fix them are the same people who have been fighting every step of the way against our efforts to fix these problems.”

He described General Mattis as being “alone” in his effort to remedy the shortcomings, spelling it out that there are some who are disloyal to the nation and loyal to Hussein Obama, “political appointees and others from the Obama administration,” who have been “trying to deny there was a problem.” He recognized that Mattis cannot solve the problem by himself and that the Democrat slow down of the transition process is a key factor in what is preventing timely corrective action.

Thornberry said, “I think it is wrong, immoral to ask men and women to go carry out a military mission for which they are not fully equipped, and fully trained, and fully supported. And whether that is a counter-terrorism operation or a freedom of navigation operation in the south China sea, or whatever; if you ask somebody to go out there and risk their lives, you darn well better give them the best and fully support them.”

Democrats always put their party ahead of the nation. Clearly they’re having trouble hiding it now with President Trump having replaced the typical establishment stooge inserted into office to do their bidding with an actual President putting America first. The efforts to derail the Trump administration by the anti-American Hussein Obama, George Soros and their operatives are universal and everywhere within the government. This DC swamp is bigger and more vermin-infested than the Okefenokee.

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