Mattis Being Obstructed By Pentagon Traitors Loyal To Obama, Not America

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Secretary of Defense General James Mattis knows that there are huge problems facing our military after eight years of neglect and deliberate sabotage by the Obama anti-American globalists. He knows that we have a serious military readiness problem, exemplified in a report last week by The Vice Joint Chiefs of Staff which highlighted our serious lack of military readiness.

They warned that a lack of military readiness across all branches was putting the military’s capabilities in jeopardy, citing the harsh realities that only three of the Army’s 58 brigade combat teams are ready for combat and less than half of our Air Force’s aging fleet is fight-ready.

Those are serious problems and the impediments to correcting that legacy of vulnerability left by Hussein Obama are equally serious. Many of those impediments are of the human type, turncoat holdovers from the Obama regime who are deliberately obstructing efforts to correct the problems.

House Armed Services Committee chairman Mac Thornberry expressed his distress on Thursday, saying, “I am concerned that … to fix these problems [it] is going to take a lot more money, and yet a lot of the folks who are coming up with the budget to fix them are the same people who have been fighting every step of the way against our efforts to fix these problems.”

He described General Mattis as being “alone” in his effort to remedy the shortcomings, spelling it out that there are some who are disloyal to the nation and loyal to Hussein Obama, “political appointees and others from the Obama administration,” who have been “trying to deny there was a problem.” He recognized that Mattis cannot solve the problem by himself and that the Democrat slow down of the transition process is a key factor in what is preventing timely corrective action.

Thornberry said, “I think it is wrong, immoral to ask men and women to go carry out a military mission for which they are not fully equipped, and fully trained, and fully supported. And whether that is a counter-terrorism operation or a freedom of navigation operation in the south China sea, or whatever; if you ask somebody to go out there and risk their lives, you darn well better give them the best and fully support them.”

Democrats always put their party ahead of the nation. Clearly they’re having trouble hiding it now with President Trump having replaced the typical establishment stooge inserted into office to do their bidding with an actual President putting America first. The efforts to derail the Trump administration by the anti-American Hussein Obama, George Soros and their operatives are universal and everywhere within the government. This DC swamp is bigger and more vermin-infested than the Okefenokee.

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35 Comments on Mattis Being Obstructed By Pentagon Traitors Loyal To Obama, Not America

  1. If Barry is threatening our President, anyone in his cabinet, General Mattis and putting this country in jeapardy, ARREST HIM AND HIS CRONIES. He should have been jailed back in Chicago before he was elected president the first time. He is a very psychologically and morally sick man. Get them out of there.

  2. That should have been “cooler heads”. Sorry. Fast fingers David strikes again. `;-)

  3. Joyce and Peggy: Great posts and excellent advice. You need to visit here more to share your ?cooler heads”.

    • JOYCE CLEMONS // February 18, 2017 at 3:53 pm // Reply

      That was a nice thing to say.Thanks! Full disclosure…I am a bona fide Trump nut and put a lot of thought into his tactics, but he still makes me say oooohhh ouch why did you say that!!!! Seldom in over 18 months has he failed to show us why later on…even if some of it is red herrings for the Press Cats or blowing off steam to balance all those death threats. I was never an Apprentice fan so I don’t come from groupieville. He just amazes me and that is a rare thing these days. #ONLYROSIEODONNELL AHAHAHAHAHA THANKS DAVID

  4. Arthur Wright // February 18, 2017 at 8:41 am // Reply

    Needs to tell Congress that they all take 5 days off all at the same time . Give them another 5 days to get every thing ready and signed to take care of the getting the money and support to General Mattis to get the military back in strength no delays or they will start replacing all of them asap.

  5. With all the US dollars allocated for our military, why is Israel getting 55% of our military budget besides the welfare billions they already get the 1st of each year ? Why are our new military technologically advanced equipment brought to Israel during purported war games BUT left in Israel. It has been reported that when the US military equipment is locked up overnight in Israel, it just mysteriously disappears (is stolen) and never makes it back to the USA ? Why do the F35’s work great for Israel but not for the US; why do our Navy Seals have to buy their own guns and equipment bcuz the Israeli made guns and equipment DON’T WORK !!! What is going on in our military that each year we are missing military budgeted millions of $$$. Why are Israeli Snipers killing our marines (hundreds) in Iraq with impunity. Why are we giving military contracts to Zapata (an israeli company who hires Mossad) who sabatoges their equipment and armament which kills our soldiers. ANSWERS PLEASE !!!

    • JOYCE CLEMONS // February 18, 2017 at 4:03 pm // Reply

      WOW PEGGY! I know so little about these topics but your assertions have a ring of credibility. I guess I should be reading what you are reading.

  6. Fire those Pentagon traitors and get the ones Hussein fired or other loyal American Officers.

  7. John F. Reddick // February 18, 2017 at 12:45 am // Reply

    It is very simple. You reassign all of the traitors to non-essential jobs and remove their security access. Then over the next four years, you eliminate those positions administratively and show the traitors the door.

  8. R L Pritchett // February 17, 2017 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    As a Vet I see this as a possibility. In battle field operations we have something called a point man. He goes out in front of everyone else to look for traps, enemy movement ect.If attacked he usually takes the hit for the team. He goes down. Dies most of the time in a firefight. Maybe Flynn was the point man. How do we know he was not? Maybe he took one for the team to out a leakier. Maybe we do not need to know that. Maybe it was the plan all along?? Not unusual for a soldier to fall on the sword to protect his brothers. Second guessing Trump has not done well for anyone so far. Thinking he has a grip on this deal even if the average Joe does not. Above most people’s pay grade.

    • I’ve been wondering that too, R L, may write it up as it is really the only logical explanation for what happened, why the apparent disloyalty or pettiness of Pence would lead to a resignation of such a valuable team member. I’m not buying the public version of this at all.

    • Joyce Clemons // February 18, 2017 at 6:53 am // Reply

      I think that we should remember the Corey story. Corey was backed up to the hilt but had to exit the stage. Corey is now able to be effective on the perimeter. That is what Trump is doing with Flynn. Flynn is motivated to find the leaks and he can do that better on the perimeter. That way it’s not a partisan witch hunt.Keep the faith and remember that if the RNC and the Cruzbots didn’t get a Pence we wouldn’t have a Trump to be analysing. That is a fact. There are several close loyals watching Pence who know what color boxers he is wearing any given day. Support your commander in chief until God gives him a new assignment. It’s a miracle that he is there and he is under the watch of God.Pray and do everything you can for the restoration of our military and the lifting of veterans.

  9. Kelleigh Nelson // February 17, 2017 at 9:23 pm // Reply

    Thank you, I fully agree with you. I don’t want anymore wars, talking to Putin is much cheaper, perhaps this is why Flynn was let go as well. The real danger is not Putin, it’s Islam, and Iran. As for Pence, I’ve never trusted him, never will, too many people who hold a bible out in front, but have a knife behind their backs. Roger Stone believes it’s Reince Priebus who is the problem leaker, but I have my eye on Pence.

    • JOYCE CLEMONS // February 18, 2017 at 7:55 am // Reply

      Kelleigh Nelson…now on this post I agree with you. I have been trying to think well of Reince but if he’s a problem, Trump will know soon enough. I am uneasy about Pence but he was a necessary compromise to have brought on the holy votes. Otherwise we’d be talking about Hillary. We all beat the bushes to get the hold-out nevertrumps, cruzers and the righteous to fight the shrill harpy. Pence was a draw for that. So I think that there are close loyals who are watching what Mike does with broccoli and what color his socks are.

  10. I’m getting REALLY NERVOUS about Mattis’ hawkish posture towards Russia. With that, I didn’t like The Donald coming out with a claim that Russia should return Crimea to the Ukraine. Is the military-industrial propaganda machine winning the White House?

    Also, would someone please tell me why the VP should be trusted? I’m REALLY struggling with it. He seems to be lurking around on the sidelines waiting for the King to fall. Who is he loyal to? He could’ve saved Flynn. Why didn’t he? Flynn was the most important weapon in Trump’s arsenal.

    • All good points David – If Trump wanted to keep him he’d have told Pence what’s what, Pence would have accepted it, if things are as we’ve been led to believe. so you’re right, things aren’t adding up

      • Joyce Clemons // February 18, 2017 at 6:39 am // Reply

        I think that we should remember the Corey story. Corey was backed up to the hilt but had to exit the stage. Corey is now able to be effective on the perimeter. That is what Trump is doing with Flynn. Flynn is motivated to find the leaks and he can do that better on the perimeter. That way it’s not a partisan witch hunt.Keep the faith and remember that if the RNC and the Cruzbots didn’t get a Pence we wouldn’t have a Trump to be analysing. That is a fact. There are several close loyals watching Pence who know what color boxers he is wearing any given day. Support your commander in chief until God gives him a new assignment. It’s a miracle that he is there and he is under the watch of God.Pray and do everything you can for the restoration of our military and the lifting of veterans.

  11. George Stockdale // February 17, 2017 at 1:27 pm // Reply


    • I hope you interpreted the article the way it was intended, George, in support of Mattis trying to do the right thing. And the President as well, naturally. Thanks for the comment.

      • Joyce Clemons // February 18, 2017 at 6:11 am // Reply

        I took George as answering the comment not misunderstanding your article. Good article and comment.
        I note that Kelleigh Nelson is here and I know that she’s a writer with a lot of influence. I frankly find her long on whine and short on bread.Kelleigh give us practical dung to do or shut up. “I don’t like Trump as much as I did. ” Well whoopdy-friggen do!
        Thanks Rick good piece.


  13. I believe a lot of people have been either threatened or paid and now have no choice.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // February 17, 2017 at 9:10 pm // Reply

      you know what? I’m tired of that argument for weakness…threatened or paid is bunk…this is just dirty rotten politics and the majority of them are evil.

  14. Kelleigh Nelson // February 17, 2017 at 11:45 am // Reply

    I agree, I wish he could get rid of Pence, will have an article out with soft peddling what Indiana folks thought of him, but I want the swamp drained and that should start now with all of the leftover Obama people in the CIA, DOJ, FBI…out damn spots!

    If he doesn’t, Flynn will be only the first one to go. And that was a major loss. I’m no longer as fond of Trump as I once was when he fired Flynn, it was all male cow dung.

  15. Obama spent eight years purging the military of decent leaders for those who agreed with his agenda. Gen mattis should spend his first year purging those Obama placed in there who are political hacks and not neutral and not responsive to the needs of our country.


    • Barry Marshall Jones Sr. // February 17, 2017 at 12:31 pm // Reply

      Good GOD ALMIGHTY woman , Trump has been in office less than 30 days ! And help Trump out , you tell him how to “get rid of” legally elected Republicans ? If Trump wern`t Tweeting you wouldn`t know Jak Shitt about what he is doing !! Trump Transition
      Despite not even being inaugurated, Trump made several notable accomplishments.

      November 2016 — In an effort to “Drain the Swamp,” Trump instituted a 5-year lobbying ban for potential administration picks as well as transition team members.[1] This is much longer than Barack Obama’s ban, which was for two years.[2]
      After Trump’s election and because of his strong criticism of outsourcing, numerous businesses have specifically backed off from outsourcing jobs to foreign nations, citing Trump as either the reason or a large reason.[3][4][5]
      In June 2016, President Barack Obama told a Carrier employee at a town hall meeting that there was nothing that could be done about the trend of jobs leaving America. Less than a month after Trump’s election win, Carrier tweeted that they reached a deal with the President-elect to keep close to 1,000 jobs in Indiana. Trump also motivated Ford to scrap their plans for a $1.6 billion plant planned for Mexico and instead will invest $700 million in a Michigan assembly plant creating 700 new jobs.[6]
      Trump picked the most conservative cabinet, at least in recent U.S. history.[7][8] In addition, rather than picking establishment Washington RINOs with worthless governmental experience in the capital city, Trump chose an unorthodox cabinet of true conservatives, small-government proponents, and outsiders.[9][10] Additionally, Trump nominated David Friedman—one of the most pro-Israel figures in the entire world—as U.S. ambassador to Israel (which other Republicans likely would not have done),[11][12] and he ordered all of Obama’s ambassadors to leave by Inauguration Day.[13][14]
      December 2016 — In foreign policy, even before being inaugurated, Trump broke decades of leftist policy instituted by liberal Jimmy Carter by answering a phone call from the president of Taiwan, which showed he is able to stand up to the “People’s” “Republic” of China.[15][16]
      December 2016/January 2017 — Trump criticized Boeing and Lockheed Martin for selling the U.S. overpriced weaponry (including the failed F-35 Lightning II program), and he criticized Boeing for planning an extremely overpriced new Air Force One.[17] After criticizing Boeing over Air Force One and meeting with its executives, the company’s CEO assured Trump that the new plane would not be over budget.[18]
      January 2017 — Trump stopped the GOP-controlled House from changing the House Ethics Oversight panel rules after tweeting against the change.[19] While the panel does have problems that the proposed change would address and many fake MSM news surrounding it,[20] Trump reminded the House to focus first on helping the American people rather than themselves.
      As U.S. President

      Trump being sworn in, January 20, 2017.
      Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, giving one of the strongest inauguration addresses in American history.[21][22][23] His first bill signed as president was to allow retired general and Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis to be confirmed.[24] He had a very busy and productive first week, undoing Obama’s legacy and instituting conservative executive orders.[25][26][27]

      Due to his promotion and support of conservative, America First policies, President Trump faced large opposition from the left, including from within the government bureaucracy.[28][29] Additionally, Senate Democrats unduly delayed Trump’s cabinet nominees at historic and unprecedented proportions—by February 8, 2017, only George Washington had fewer cabinet nominees confirmed by this length of time into his presidency.[30]

      Social policy
      Legislation signed
      Executive actions
      January 20, 2017—On his first day in office, Trump signed an executive order that would lessen Obamacare’s burden while Republicans work to repeal and replace the failed bureaucratic law.[31][32]
      January 23, 2017—President Trump signed an order reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which defunded International Planned Parenthood and other organizations that promote foreign abortions.[33][34]
      February 9, 2017—President Trump signed three executive orders pertaining to law enforcement. The first cracked down and strengthens the law against international crime organizations, the second deals with anti-law enforcement crimes, and third with finding a strategy for reducing crime in general, “including, in particular, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violent crime.”[35]
      Immigration, illegal immigration, and border security
      Legislation signed
      Executive actions

      Trump signing his Jan. 27, 2017 order regarding refugees and travel from high-risk countries.

      Countries affected by Trump’s Jan. 27, 2017 travel ban.
      January 25, 2017—Trump signed two executive orders. The first one included ordering the “immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border,” the hiring of 5,000 additional border control agents, and ending “catch-and-release” policies for illegal immigrants. The second order called for hiring an additional 10,000 federal immigration officers, re-establishing the Secure Communities Program and other local partnerships, making the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants a priority, directing the State Department to use leverage to ensure countries-of-origin take back illegal immigrants, and stripping federal grant money from sanctuary cities and states.[36][37]
      January 25, 2017—Trump promised to investigate voter fraud in the U.S. While this appears to have only been an announcement of a future action, it shows that President Trump is serious about voter fraud.[38]
      January 27, 2017—Trump signed an executive order indefinitely banning the admission of Syrian refugees, suspending the overall refugee program for 120 days, suspending entry and the issuing of visas from several unstable Islamic majority countries for at least 90 days, and reducing the number of refugees allowed into the nation during the fiscal year from 110,000 to 50,000.[39][40][41] Additionally, Trump made clear that he would help Christian refugees, a reversal from the Obama Administration.[42] Despite criticism from leftists and non-conservatives, 49 percent of the American public supported the decision compared to 41 percent opposed, according to the “mainstream” Reuters,[43] and 57% percent of likely American voters supported the ban according to Rasmussen.[44] Additionally, while the leftist establishment European leaders opposed the ban, a strong majority—55% average—of Europeans support the ban, according to a poll in 10 European Union nations.[45][46]
      Economic and energy policy
      Legislation signed
      Executive actions
      January 24, 2017—Trump signed two orders reviving consideration for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline projects, which Obama halted due to supposed environmental concerns.[47]
      January 24, 2017—In addition to the above, Trump signed three other orders, one requiring the United States Secretary of Commerce make a plan within six months mandating all new or improved pipelines be made with American steel, another order requiring every federal agency to streamline manufacturing regulations, and the third allowing fast-track approval for important infrastructure projects.[48]
      February 3, 2017—Trump signed an order directing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, upon his confirmation, to plan changes to the Dodd-Frank bank regulatory law in order to cut much of it.[49][50]
      Legislation signed
      Executive actions
      January 23, 2017—Trump signed an order which withdrew the United States from the globalist Trans-Pacific Partnership.[51]
      Foreign policy
      Legislation signed
      Executive actions
      February 3, 2017—After Iran tested a ballistic missile in apparent violation of a UN Security Council resolution, the Trump Administration instituted economic sanctions against 13 Iranian individuals and 12 companies.[52][53]
      Size of Government
      Legislation signed
      February 14, 2017—President Trump signed a bill into law repealing an Obama Era relation requiring energy companies to disclose financial transactions with foreign governments.[54][55]
      Executive actions
      January 20, 2017—On its first day in office, the Trump Administration ordered a regulatory freeze on all federal governmental agencies.[56]
      January 20 and 23, 2017—After he was inaugurated, the Trump administration instituted a federal hiring freeze.[57] On January 23, 2017, Trump signed an executive order instituting the hiring freeze, from which the military was exempted.[58]
      January 30, 2017—Trump signed an executive order that requires two federal regulations must be eliminated for every regulation created.[59][60][61]
      February 3, 2017—President Trump signed a memorandum directing the United States Department of Labor to review a regulation signed by Obama set to go into effect.[62]
      Legislation signed
      Executive actions
      January 27, 2017—Trump signed a memorandum to begin the expansion and rebuilding of the U.S. military.[63][64]
      February 3, 2017—The Trump Administration and Lockheed Martin reached a tentative deal that would purchase 90 F-35 jet at the lowest price in the program’s history.[65]
      January 20, 2017—The day he was inaugurated, Trump instituted a national day of patriotism for the country,[66] and a few days later Trump officially designated his inauguration day the National Day of Patriotic Devotion.[67][68]
      January 22-28, 2017—National School Choice Week, as proclaimed by President Trump[69]
      On January 5, 2017, the U.S. House passed a motion condemning Obama’s allowing a leftist anti-Israel resolution to pass in the UN.[70][71] Additionally, Trump voiced his strong support for Israel during his transition.[72][73]
      January 20, 2017—On the day he took office, Trump returned the bust of UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the Oval Office that Obama removed when he took office.[74] He also accepted the United Kingdom’s offer to re-loan the second identical bust of Churchill, which Obama removed and returned after the first loan expired.[75]
      January 28, 2017—Trump signed an executive order banning administration officials from lobbying their federal agencies for five years, as well as banning them for life from lobbying foreign nations and political parties.[76][77]
      January 30, 2017—Trump showed he would not tolerate incompetent leftist administration officials when he fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates (a left-wing Obama holdover) when she refused to defend his refugee and immigration ban executive order.[78][79] Trump emulated Ronald Reagan’s firing of the striking PATCO workers in 1981 by doing so,[80] contrary to the mainstream media spin.[81] That same night, Trump replaced the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (another Obama holdover) with a more competent official who had a reputation for enforcing immigration laws.[82][83]

    • Joyce Clemons // February 18, 2017 at 5:45 am // Reply

      Please. Less than a month in Office fighting off backstabbing GOP elites and the DNC lying vipers. Meanwhile taking sizable chunks of the MAGA list and bringing in team members to get into each action. Make specific recommendations and Twitter those to him and let others know how you are self governed so he can shrink the monster government. No whining.

  17. Kelleigh Nelson // February 17, 2017 at 9:56 am // Reply

    My question is how could anyone in our military be loyal to Barry Soetoro? It is beyond me…Don’t give up Mattis, you’re facing the same horrors that got our best guy Flynn fired.

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