Massive RINO DEFENSE Force Called On TRUMP Supporters Questioning Gas Tax

rino defense force gas tax

Rancho Cucamonga was the scene of a pathetic display of the police state in action as Trump supporters ventured into RINO country, the offices of California Republican Marc Steinorth. As the plaque hanging on his wall from the SEIU indicates, he’s a sellout. Steinorth’s latest affront to the people of California is his siding with the cap and trade globalists to impose a $.71 cent per gallon gasoline tax.

After navigating past the locked door into the extremely relaxed workplace where not a lot of actual work seems to be being done, the patriot Trump supporters, including the Grindall61 contingent, voice their complaints. An aide for the RINO Steinorth attempts, unsuccessfully, to apply the same brainwashing techniques that work on many of the mindless idiots who finance their own demise.

They supported his treachery and will soon be paying through the nose for the “privilege” of driving as a result. The price of anything that is transported by truck as well as services which involve fuel will rise as well. Nice job of understanding the issues before you vote, idiot citizens. Now you’re stuck with liberal trash sticking the knives of globalism in your backs. Unfortunately, the aware Californians pay the price right along with you.

The aide, who is clearly just regurgitating her programming, tells them at first that it’s not a tax, engaging in a game of semantics before she realizes it’s pointless – that these people not only know what they’re talking about, they recognize that she’s full of crap. Time for her to retreat.

She engages in Democrat rule number one when faced with knowledgeable opponents, claim they’re wrong and tell them to get out.  When they refuse, threaten to call the cops, then run away and make that call. It’s a Democrat tactic but it applies the same to RINO officials like Steinorth.

The Trump patriots are impressed by the response time and they are amazed at the overwhelming, massive show of force. They take their defense of complicit RINOs seriously in that state.

The cops must know that their gas prices are going up too, but in the People’s Republic of California they do as the Democrats dictate, right or wrong. That’s just how things are. They’ve even called in a helicopter. You’d think it was a terrorist attack or maybe an AntiFa mob destroying property and beating the daylights out of innocent people if it weren’t California. AntiFa is protected, it’s the Trump patriots who are considered the rabble.

Patriots are the villains and protesting UN globalism being adopted into the State government and tax system is a crime fitting of a maximum display of force. The RINOs are safe, our Republic isn’t.

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