Mary J. Blige Almost Misspeaks, Endorsing Trump, America First

mary blige


Mary J. Blige struggles as she looks for words that will excuse her racism and prejudice, offering her the freedom to smear based upon repeated false accusations. In doing so she almost seems to endorse personal responsibility.

She says, “I just really can’t support this, it is what it is. You know, he speaks about women, you know, viciously, you know, and he speaks of just racist, like I can’t. It makes me emotional. I haven’t been this emotional all day, so I’m cool.” Well said, Mary J., for such a blatant hypocrite. Every time you had to come up with a specific to meet your allegations you stuttered and then rescued yourself by claiming you’re just too overwhelmed by it all.

Are you also left a pathetic emotional wreck when your rapper friends and co-“artists,” for lack of a better term, use that “N” word and the “F” word to describe what they’ll do to and with their “Hoes” in their noise that you people like to describe as “music?” Is that also too vicious for you or is the fact that it’s coming out of a black Democrat’s mouth enough of a mitigating factor to ease you back from the brink of nervous breakdown?

Ms. Blige then goes on to say some rather bizarre things that she may have not been realizing she was saying, given her frail mental state. Blige says, “My hope is that this [Trump or the hatred of Trump] brings us together as people, period. Not as a people, not as black people, not as white, but as people and understand that the only thing that’s going to make anything change is for us to love each other, seriously.”

She continues, “And I don’t mean like mushy love, I mean like take care of ourselves first, take care  of our lives, take care of our businesses, take care of our children, take care of everything that we think that the, you know, ‘he’ might be able to give us. The government might be able to give us or whatever. We have to take care of ourselves and I hate speaking like this but it’s the truth and I hope that it brings us all together and uplifts us and awake [sic] us instead of, you know, breaking us.”

Did she actually happen to listen to and internalize the America First portion of President Trump’s speech? Is she advocating for personal ownership of your situation and responsibility instead of lying on the couch or hanging out at the corner making drug deals while you’re waiting for a handout from the government?  

Sure, Blige hates speaking like this because it goes against everything her Democrat manipulators have been telling her all her life, but it gets easier. Odds are she just misspoke, but she is wealthy, and she seems fairly well-spoken. She probably made some good decisions along the way.

The white actress that speaks after her is not even an American. She’s Carey Mulligan, a Brit, over here making her living off of Americans while telling us how to run our affairs. She says “I think it’s a really difficult time,” but like Blige she can’t name specifics that Donald Trump is to blame for. Ultimately her mouth takes a pause with her only stating that she’s impressed by the activism and that people need to “take up a fight every day for what they believe in.”

Okay, Carey, how’s this? We believe in you rich foreigners not telling the people of America, who are struggling after 8 years of Obama and the Democrats, how to run their own affairs. We believe Americans should have their country back just as Britain voted to get theirs back in Brexit, you ignorant libtard skank. We also believe you can shut up now and if you prefer not to, we believe you should be on a British Airways flight, headed east, back to where someone might give a rip what you have to say.

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