Mark Steyn – Britain Must Stop Importing Terrorism, Not Be Afraid To Identify It

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Author Mark Steyn declares what is obvious to most non-leftists, at least Americans on the right, that the Britain needs to adopt the same posture as Donald Trump and stop importing people who want to kill them.

He said on Fox News on Sunday, “The problem is that it’s not a native problem to England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe – this problem was imported. So the first thing you have to do is stop importing it. And the reality is that in Britain and in Europe, more people who agree with this ideology, and a smaller percentage who want to do what these guys did yesterday, arrive at the airports and ports every day.”

He continues, “So the first thing someone like Theresa May needs to do is to stop importing more of it. He notes that Muslims represent “the biggest source of population growth down the spine of the United Kingdom, in every major British city.”

He says, “The problem for Britain and for Europe is there are people who agree with every objective of these crazy guys last night, they want to live under Sharia in the United Kingdom, they want the flag of Islam flying over Buckingham Palace, they want death for apostasy, they think that homosexuals should be executed, they think that women should be covered from head to – you can agree with all that and, as Theresa May sees it, still be a perfectly functioning, respectable citizen of a modern Western society.”

They play the comments of Theresa May in her supposed condemnation of the terrorists while using the term “extremism” instead of Islamic terrorism, referencing phantom “significant progress” and the need for sometimes “embarrassing” conversations. Steyn says, “I think the use of that word, ‘extremism’ is actually, that’s embarrassing, Mrs. May. That’s a ridiculous term for it.” He makes an observation that was made often in the US during the regime of the terrorist enabler Hussein Obama, that you can’t fight an enemy you’re unwilling to identify. There was no problem in naming the IRA in the past, but political correctness and not wanting to be called a racist is handcuffing the cowardly British politicians these days.

He points out that the native born terrorist have no affinity with Britain because they’ve been taught that it’s a racist, imperialist, colonialist – they’re responsible for  all the bad “isms” in the world. And the British political class, Jeremy Corbyn, who’s the leader of ‘Her Majesty’s loyal opposition,’ to be totally laughable about it, also believes that Britain is evil and imperialist and colonialist and racist.”

Describing the deterioration of the quality of life in Britain today and the comments of London Mayor Sadiq Khan that “there’s no reason to be alarmed,” Steyn says the mayor “is part of the problem and he should be out of a job” today.

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  1. Bruce Becker // June 6, 2017 at 2:57 am // Reply

    please embrace climate diversity and encourage your friends to not fear change, thank you

  2. Deplorable Doctor // June 5, 2017 at 10:53 pm // Reply

    Author Mark Steyn is a wise and understanding man!

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