Mark Levin: Time Patriots Stand Our Ground In Defense Of Donald Trump

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Mark Levin wants to once and for all put the difficult election behind the American patriots, be they Republican or of other persuasions, avid Trump supporters or reluctant, whole-hearted or less so.  He says, “It is time. It is time that we stand our ground in defending Donald Trump’s legitimacy and the fact that he is the President-elect and to become the president.”

Levin, who it’s better to have arriving late to the party than out driving around lost in the wrong neighborhood, says, “Because I’m telling you right now and I’ve told you before, the media, the Praetorian Guard media, the Democrat Party, which puts party before country, academia and Hollywood, are seeking a coup of sorts. That’s exactly what they’re doing.”

He continues, “Standing up for Donald Trump in this regard. Not for every issue, not for every nominee, but standing up for Donald Trump is standing up for our Constitution, for the legitimacy of the election. We cannot allow the left and by the left I include the media, we cannot allow the left to decide who’s legitimate and who is not. And keep something in mind – they hate us too.”

Levin points out, “There would be no Jeff Sessions nomination if Hillary Clinton were the President-elect. There’d be no repeal of Obamacare, even an attempted repeal of Obamacare if Hillary Clinton had been elected. And I can go on down the line.”

“What they seek to do,” says Levin, “and they’ve done it even before the man is inaugurated, is to drive issues of controversy. I don’t mean controversy about specific matters, but the fact that he’s president, they want it to be controversial. They want a cloud over the guy’s head.” He reminds his listeners of a crucial fact at this point in time, that “Just because the election is over doesn’t mean the fight is over.”

Levin calls upon “all corners of the conservative movement, all constitutionalists, Republicans and Independents and Independent Democrats. What you saw yesterday was an absolute attempt to overturn the election, to politically decapitate the President-elect.

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