Mark Levin Interrogates FBI Rogue Comey – Likely Felonies Everywhere

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Looking towards the future possibility that former FBI Director James Comey might appear before a Congressional committee, Mark Levin outlines the way he would approach questioning him, with specifics. He would start by asking, “Mr. Comey, you say you kept memoranda and notes, is that correct? Did you keep notes on your conversations with ‘president’ Obama? Where are those notes now, Mr. Comey? Did you keep notes on your conversations with Attorney General Eric Holder? Where are those notes now, Mr. Comey? Did you keep notes on your conversations with Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Where are those notes now, Mr. Comey?”

Levin asks, “Did you keep notes on any of your conversations or meetings with any members of Congress, Mr. Comey? Where are those notes now, Mr. Comey? Did you keep any notes on any conversations you had with reporters or journalists, Mr. Comey? Where are those notes now? Did you tamper with, alter or destroy any of your notes, Mr. Comey, at any time? With whom did you share these notes, if anybody, Mr. Comey?”

Levin presses on, “Where are the original copies of these notes, Mr. Comey, in your possession or in the FBI’s possession? Did you make copies of these notes? Are they in your personal possession? Tell me, Mr. Comey, do any of your notes contain classified or investigative information? Do you understand, Mr. Comey, that if they contain classified or investigative information, if you shared them with  anybody, that’s a felony? Do you also understand that if there’s any evidence in your notes of your stating or implying obstruction of justice and you failed to report that to the Attorney General of the United States, that you’ve committed a felony?”

“‘Tell me, Mr. Comey,” he asks, “Who else has seen your notes? Any reporters? Any colleagues? Any politicians? And I want to remind you you’re under oath.’ You see, ladies and gentlemen, we’re told Mr. Comey wrote a lot of notes, about a lot of conversations, and to me the scandal is what’s in these notes. Let me continue.”

“Mr. Comey, you took contemporaneous notes after your discussion, which was leaked to the New York Times with the President of the United States about Michael Flynn, suggesting here is a spin that Mr. Trump was trying to get you to stop investigating Mr. Flynn. Is that correct? Tell me, Mr. Comey, with whom did you share those notes? Since you’re the only one in possession of them or the FBI, presumably you or someone at the FBI shared them with somebody. Did you share them with somebody? Okay, what are their names? Did you know they were going to leak it?”

Levin says, “I’ll tell you, Mr. Comey, if this is obstruction of justice, as many surrogates have said anonymously and many people in the media have said, why didn’t you do anything about it, Mr. Comey? Why didn’t you tell members of Congress? Why didn’t you say so in one of these open hearings? Why didn’t you resign? Instead you sat on it, which is a potential felony. Can you explain yourself, please?

The questions get even more probing, involving his interactions with the Obama regime and the Clinton campaign. Levin doesn’t believe the line that Comey kept the notes for his own recollection but believes they were used as a political weapon. Just as they are now, against President Trump.

Levin believes Comey went rogue. This line of questioning, if our cowardly and complicit Congress were willing to pursue it, would go a long way towards exposing his “possible” corruption and criminal conduct.

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6 Comments on Mark Levin Interrogates FBI Rogue Comey – Likely Felonies Everywhere

  1. I believe he and Holder/Lynch were appointed to protect Obozo/Killinton and ILK from their crimes….which they did their jobs and that is why there have been NO arrest/accusations of wrong doing from the FBI or the DOJ….that is why Donna Brazil contacted the D.C.police to question WHY the P.I was “snooping” around the Seth Rich case…and why Debbie “Blabber Mouth” Schultz is threatening the police….all because of laptop/laptops and what incriminating information that they contain (Seth Rich’s laptop? and the I.T.guys laptop) They are wanting the laptop/investigation stopped asap.

  2. Mark Levin for Director of the FBI…

  3. shirley roberts // May 27, 2017 at 10:24 am // Reply

    I wouldn’t believe anything those cowardly criminals said unless they were shot up with truth serum and hooked up to a lie detector at the same time, and even then I would have my doubts to them ever telling the truth.

  4. TONYA PARNELL // May 19, 2017 at 6:35 pm // Reply

    I doubt Congress will ask Comey any hard questions

  5. I was thrilled that Fox replayed the disgraceful appearance before Jim Jordan at the IRS hearing wherein he seemed more like a disoriented drunk than the FBI Director! Also he was a sellout to Obama. He supported the policy of catering to Islamists.

  6. Deplorable Doctor // May 19, 2017 at 9:26 am // Reply

    Mark Levin is one wise man!

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