Mark Levin – Adam “Shifty” Schiff Should Recuse Himself As Ranking Dem On Intel Committee

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Mark Levin tells his audience, “It’s time to go on offense. Let me show you how to play. I’m calling for Adam Schiff to recuse himself as the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, given the fact that he was such an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.”

Levin continues, “Given the fact that he was a cover up artist during the Benghazi operation, given the fact that he’s demonstrated his unwillingness to be bi-partisan by his calls for Jeff Sessions to step aside. He’s called for a special prosecutor,” Levin notes, “now he’s called for an independent committee, which he’s actually called for for some time.”

He says, “Adam Schiff has shown himself to be a radical leftist partisan hack, who cannot be trusted in an independent investigation of any sort, on the intelligence committee, quite frankly or on any other committee. So I’m calling on the Republicans to demand that Adam Schiff recuse himself as the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.”

Levin notes, “Moreover, I might add, isn’t it interesting that whatever Mr. Schiff has to say is almost exactly what Nancy Pelosi has to say; which is almost exactly what Chuck Schumer has to say. So I believe there is collaboration, collaboration, that’s the word.” He says, “Now I don’t know this for a fact, of course.  I don’t know about the Russians for a fact either, but there sure seems to be collaboration taking place.”

 “Mr. Schiff cannot be trusted,” says Levin, “to participate in a fair investigation in intelligence matters affecting the Trump administration, and I’ll further demonstrate this fact. Mr. Schiff now calls for the recusal of Devin Nunes as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on  a matter that has nothing to do with Russia.” He points out it instead “has to do with the victimization of Trump and the Trump transition team by the Obama administration.”

In doing so Levin says, “Mr. Schiff has demonstrated he’s so far in the tank for the Obama administration, the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton, he is simply incapable of being an independent Congressman when it comes to this issue. So I am calling on the media, of course, to report over and over and over and over again, that Adam Schiff is a liberal who cannot be trusted. In the tank for Obama, in the tank for Hillary, in the tank for Nancy Pelosi, which is exactly why they made him the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, cause he’s in the tank.”

“So, ladies and gentlemen,” says Levin, “Adam Schiff is not fit to be the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. And I look forward to John McCain going on MSLSD and saying exactly that. I look forward to Lindsey “Goober” Graham doing the same thing. I look forward to Mitch McConnell going to the floor of the Senate and saying that we no longer trust Adam Schiff as the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.”

With more than just a hint of sarcasm, Levin says, “I am absolutely certain that CNN will cover this, that Chris Matthews will cover this, spittle and all, that the lib media will be all over this, chasing down Adam Schiff and making the point. ‘Shouldn’t you recuse yourself, Congressman? Isn’t there a conflict, Congressman? Can you really participate in an independent investigation Congressman?'”

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  1. I’m not holding my breath for it, but yeah. Absolutely.

  2. Debra Prisk // March 29, 2017 at 11:24 am // Reply

    Amen to that!

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