Mark Of Beast System Almost Complete In India, Coming To America

mark of the beast


The Mark of the Beast is being rolled out in the form of a universal ID in the world’s most populous nation, India, a non-Christian nation that is largely unaware of the warnings in the Bible against what they are implementing. It’s a version of our Social Security System that moves their society to the threshold of complete government control over the individuals in every aspect. Perhaps it’s no longer accurate to refer to them as individuals but more correctly as members of the collective.

The government of India is building what is described in the LA Times and exposed in the video from Grindall61 as the “biggest and most ambitious biometric database ever conceived. It follows that the Social Security system may have been a project that has fulfilled its purpose in its current stage. Recognizing that Americans would be resistant to unconstitutional intrusion into our rights and basic freedoms, India may well be the logical next step in the evolutionary process away from a cashless society, towards one in which the people are completely at the mercy of those who load their database with credits. More ominously, there is no need to implant the dreaded RFD chips we had feared would signal the conversion. They simply use our unique biometric data and attach a computer file to it.

The program, call Aadhaar, which means “foundation,” is intended to record the fingerprints and iris scans of all 1.3 residents of India. Already almost 90 percent of all Indians have registered to receive their unique 12-digit beast number. It’s interesting that the scan that identifies the individual is done on the thumb and the eye, the thumb being located on the hand and the eye at the forehead.

Whether one believes in the Biblical predictions or not, there’s no denying their existence. The Book of Revelation, chapter 13 verses 16 and 17 states, ” And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, (17) so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.… As the video details, government services, purchases and other abilities to interact in society will be dependent upon compliance and enrollment in the system.

As the article points out, participation is becoming mandatory for a growing number of essential services in India. Once their model is rolled out as the “success story” that it surely will be declared, including all of the associated savings in fraud and waste, it will be used to sell the same system to the American people and eventually everyone on the planet.

The sheep will flock to the enrollment centers, eager for the convenience of not having to carry cash or a credit card and the allure of being one of the “cool people.” It won’t be a hard sell to today’s American people, many of whom aren’t religious or if they are, increasingly practice a different faith that doesn’t adhere to Biblical beliefs, the result of the pro-diversity movement that has been unleashed by the “government.” Participation will be a way of scoffing at what they deride as the “ignorant, conservative Christians” and expressing their support of tolerant, “progressive values.”

There won’t be any trip to a clinic to have the chip inserted, just provide the proper photo ID. Unlike with voting, they would want to make certain to safeguard against fraud. The ID and biometric data are then paired and the one more victim is enrolled in the control grid.

The India Attorney General, a beast in his own right, is quoted as stating that their citizens have no inherent right over their bodies. That may be the reality of the world we’re moving towards, but that doesn’t make it right or desirable.

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12 Comments on Mark Of Beast System Almost Complete In India, Coming To America

  1. Artiewhitfox // May 19, 2017 at 9:30 am // Reply

    Muslims obey the beast who is Lucifer. They that don’t bow down worshiping their Lucifer are slain. They force a tax on people killing those that do not pay that tax. They want to say who buys and who does not buy. Muslims are like the Sodomites and Gomorrahean’s and cities of the plain. The mark of Lucifer is in their hand with what they do. The mark of Lucifer is in their forehead with what they think. Those Muslims want others to have the same marks on them.

  2. I was thinking iris/retinal scan or fingerprint ID would be the way to stop the rampant voter fraud occurring here in the U.S. Then I read your article. … God help us.

  3. Dorothy Grappo // May 17, 2017 at 3:16 am // Reply

    The good news is that born-again Christians are spared because the Mark of the Beast command will take place during the Great Tribulation and we won’t be here. The Resurrection (some call it rapture) takes place first.

  4. Our government has been working on RealID and other programs since the 90s and plans to roll it out fully within a year or two as it forces state governments to incorporate it into their drivers licenses. The federal government is the biggest promoter of ID Theft since it abandoned its own Privacy Act of 1974 and implemented the vile un-Patriot Act which completely shredded the last semblance of privacy Americans had. Indeed, US citizens are a laughing stock among most European nations when it comes to privacy…although I’m not religious in the traditional sense, we truly do have the ‘Mark of the Beast’ operating in America as one cannot work, open a bank account or even obtain a pre-paid debit card without this mark. The irony is: The average American absolutely does not give a crap about their loss of privacy; most willingly give it up!

    • Virginia Ruby // March 5, 2018 at 12:22 am // Reply

      Hello Bruce David.
      I just heard something on this on Fri.. A friend went to renew her driver’s license here in AL.
      She was told she had to have more documents than just her old DL in order to get a Star Logo on the new DL ( requirement for renewal ).
      Right they say it’s just for air travel. Some places already implemented it in their city or State. DHS Law/ Bill. The RealID system.
      Next year if you don’t have it by then you’ll have to pay for it and show more documents to get it, is my understanding. Another Obama idea passed in the midnight hour.
      I’m Tryng to find more info on it and how to restrain or stop it. I don’t know the Bill # or who authorized it passing. Under the guise of Homeland Security.
      Another privacy invasion into our lives 🙁

  5. Rick, appreciate your work. And your wisdom and understanding. I have two books on biblical prophecy circulating. And I think that even Christians don’t fully understand what is coming for believers. Following our Lord will require just that — following. We are like sheep otherwise the Lord would not have called us that, but the question is — follow who. The way is straight that leads to eternal life.

  6. “…….being one of the “cool people.”

    We’re ripe for it. The education/indoctrination system has turned out non thinking sheep, and as soon as a celebrity shows how cool he/she/it is, the “me too” crowd will run each other over to get there first.

    Another good article!

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