Marine Le Pen Destroys Merkel With The Truth About What She’s Done To Europe

marine le pen


The woman who may very well become the next president of France, and the first representative of the nation instead of the globalist leeches in quite some time, Marine Le Pen, shows why she is the fresh air of freedom that the French people have been longing to breathe.

During the course of the BBC interview, Le Pen is asked if she would go to visit either German Chancellor Angela Merkel or British Prime Minister, Theresa May, a question that might well have been labeled as sexist in the US.

She replied, “Why should I go see Mrs. Merkel or Theresa May?  Well, we may have some things to talk about with Theresa May, but with Mrs. Merkel, with Mrs. Merkel things are very clear. We are in total opposition; I  am the anti-Merkel. I’m opposed to her on economic policy, to her on monetary policy, I’m opposed to her migrant policy.”

“It’s clear we are in total opposition.” says Le Pen. “By the way, that doesn’t mean that if I’m elected President I won’t go talk to Mrs. Merkel and defend France’s interests.” The interview interjects, “But all of these heads of state, you haven’t met with them. It means that despite everything you’ve done to change the image of your party, there’s still a toxicity that surrounds it.”

That might be the meaning that the libtard reporter wants to assign to it, that certainly is not how Le Pen sees things. She responds, “Don’t you think Mrs. Merkel is toxic for Europe? She let 1.5 million migrants in. Isn’t that toxic? She imposes austerity upon all of the nations of Europe, isn’t that toxic?”

Le Pen says, “She’s the one who’s toxic and that’s why she’s increasingly isolated. Because the policies I represent are the policies that are represented by Mr. Trump. They’re represented by Mr. Putin. The British people have just made it clear they want to go in that direction. In the Netherlands, Mr. Wilders’ party is one of the only parties that greatly increased its number of seats. Things are moving in Europe and they are moving in the direction of the ideas and policies that I represent.”

She’s asked, “And if you win does that spell the beginning of the end of the EU?”

Le Pen believes it’s already started, saying, “But the EU is almost over. Rather than waiting for its chaotic collapse, I suggest we organize its transformation into a Europe of nations, while respecting the wishes of European peoples.”

Le Pen asks, “Have you noticed that all of the referendums on the subject of the EU in the last 15 years have been lost by the EU? All of them, without exception. Have you seen that Poland is saying, ‘No, I don’t want to join the Euro’ when just a few years ago they were begging to join? it’s over. The EU is shining with the light of a dead star.”

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