Mandated Censorship Of Speech, “Fact-Checking” Scheme Rolled Out By Merkel

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Many things are at play with the new dictates of the German globalist Trojan horse Angela Merkel to censor the free press in the campaign for chancellor and her potential reelection. Merkel and her authoritarian minions have been pressuring Facebook into censoring, on a very short response time, posts that are considered by the German thought police she controls to be “hateful.” She doesn’t want a repeat of the voice of the people being louder than the propaganda of the state as happened in the election of Donald Trump in the US.

The globalists she works for are also using the friendly confines of Merkel’s new Nazi Germany to beta test mandated control systems that will be used elsewhere. Censorship was the goal of the creation of the term “fake news,” though the purveyors are generally the same leftists that accuse folks on the right of the offenses. The truth doesn’t matter, they’ll say what they want, label the right as fake news and eliminate their content. Who needs book burnings anymore?

The same system they’re initiating in the US is now being rolled out for use in Germany. The Censorship entity operates under the name “Corrective,” which implies they are fixing mistakes and “merely seeking to deliver the truth.” Just don’t tell the truth about Merkel, her policies, the Islamic invasion, the destruction of Germany, its culture or its Christian composition. Truth is hate in Germany under the new Nazis and Merkel. You could easily end up in jail and with a hefty fine.

Articles and posts determined to be “incorrect” will be marked as “disputed” and an explanation of how the decision was reached will be attached. The critical component, beyond being pulled from circulation while under review, will be the lowering of position in timelines to one of irrelevance. Leftist globalist censors, not the individual, based on their own beliefs or interests, are deciding what speech and thought will or will not be circulated. The attachment of an explanation is a ploy for the sake of PR. Nobody will see it because nobody will be allowed to see what it is being attached to.

A Facebook spokesperson stated that they are seeking out other German “media partners” to help with the censorship, what they, in delivering their own fake news, refer to as “fact checking.” Facebook also admitted that Germany is just one of many countries where censorship will be imposed, with a spokesperson telling the Financial Times, “Our focus is on Germany right now but we’re certainly thinking through what countries will unveil next.”

In America we have anti-Trust laws that are supposed to be enforced to prevent the abuse of power by those who have monopolies, such as Facebook. There is no competitor with  the reach of Facebook. If there were, conservatives and patriots around the world would already have sought refuge there. Perhaps with the incoming Trump administration there will be a renewed focus on protecting our First Amendment.

Merkel and her allies in the German leftist political and media class have followed the Hillary Clinton script to the letter, calling for the censorship of “fake news” and even warned that the Russians are hacking their election. She knows she and her destructive policies are becoming extremely unpopular. She also knows that if she can win one more term, just as Clinton would have been an extension of Obama, the destruction will be complete. Germany will fall to the Islamic conquerors. The globalists learned from their mistakes in America. They’re going to stamp out dissent and the truth immediately.

In December Germany’s parliamentary chief of the Social Democrat party, Thomas Oppermann, called for the imposition of a 500,000 Euro fine, $522,000 per day for every day Facebook and other social media companies fail to remove a story has been declared by the thought police to be “fake news.” Last November Justice Minister Heiko Maas argued that Facebook was a media company and as such must be held accountable for the content on their platform.

Hypocritically, “Justice” Minister Maas, who is demanding the removal of ideas from the realm of public debate, has previously labeled fake news as a “danger to our culture of debate,” saying social media companies had a “duty” to curb the spreading of “misinformation.” Sieg heil, Herr “Justice” Minister. You can’t debate ideas that aren’t there.

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