Manafort Calls For Justice Dept Inspector General To Investigate FISA Leaks Against Him

paul manafort

A spokesman for President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is calling for the Justice Department Inspector General to investigate just what happened now that it’s been verified that leaks of information took place.

Jason Maloni called for an investigation by the IG on Tuesday, one day following reports by CNN that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court had approved two surveillance orders targeting Mr. Manafort, one in 2014 before he was involved with the Trump campaign and another in 2016 that extended into this year. He called for a public release of the transcripts.

For a U.S. citizen to be the target of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act order, authorities have to establish probable cause that the person is an agent of a foreign power. Maloni said in his statement, “If true, it is a felony to reveal the existence of a FISA warrant, regardless of the fact that no charges ever emerged.”

He urged, “The US Department of Justice’s Inspector General should immediately conduct an investigation into these leaks and to examine the motivations behind a previous Administration’s effort to surveil a political opponent.”

Maloni stated, “Mr. Manafort requests that the Department of Justice release any intercepts involving him and any non-Americans so interested parties can come to the same conclusion as the DOJ – there is nothing there.”

Perhaps Attorney General Sessions might want to awaken from his slumber long enough to accommodate Mr. Manafort and Mr. Maloni in their requests for the Inspector General’s investigation. President Trump would likely be well-served by the truth coming out.

The corrupt politicians of the previous administration and potentially those, such as Sessions, who are aiding them in the cover up of their crimes would likely oppose such a probe. It will be interesting to see where the ever-hesitant Sessions comes down on this question.


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