Macron Professing His Own “Clinton Innocence” – Focus On Russia, Ignore The Contents

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The logical response to an incriminating spotlight, particularly in a political campaign with significant improprieties to be covered up, is to claim your innocence, challenge the authenticity of the information and attack the messenger or, if the source is unknown, assign the responsibility to a discredited or unpopular source.

That’s what Hillary Clinton attempted to do with the mountains of evidence of her criminal and shady activities. Her campaign and operatives within the US government continue to blame the messenger, fabricating an assertions-only crusade against Russia for revealing who she really is. They tried denying the authenticity initially, but there has never been a successfully proven falsehood included in a WikiLeaks release and that record remains intact. Fabrication or confession were their only remaining options, they went with the lies.

When a 9 gigabyte data dump of what are purported to be French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s private documents, allegedly obtained through a computer hack, was uploaded to an anonymous document sharing site a day and a half before the election, the “Forward” campaign quickly shifted into Clinton mode.

Unable to deny that the documents were genuine, the globalist Macron simply injected doubt into their legitimacy, claiming that the damning ones were fraudulent, thereby tainting the credibility of anything that might be viewed as being potentially damaging and removing the need to substantively disprove the documents’ legitimacy, at a minimum until a later date, after being sworn in.

Surely, the French voters are to believe, this made man of the Globalist oligarch Rothschild organization wouldn’t be involved in international money movement, illegal tax shelters or secret accounts. Forget that his most recent position in French President Hollande’s  government was Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs and that personal millions were handed to him by the Rothschild banking organization, he wouldn’t know anything about transferring money to foreign accounts for safe-keeping.

Macron’s representative, President Francois Hollande, spoke on his behalf during the election candidate blackout period, vowing to get to the bottom of all of this. He told AFP news, “We knew that this kind of risk would be present during the presidential campaign, because it has happened elsewhere. Nothing will be left without a response.” That’s nothing close to a denial, just a vow of vengeance and a comparison to the truth also being exposed about crooked Hillary Clinton.

Interestingly, Macron had previously complained of “attempts to hack” his computer system and planted the seed of blame on the Clinton boogeyman of Russia. She and her Democrat and globalist associates have expended a lot of effort in vilifying and discrediting Russia in the US already and around the globe. Why not capitalize on all that hard work?

Russia is now the logical target for any attacks on the messenger, although, now accused of being the world’s “Public Enemy Number One” on the election front, one would think the Russians would have given the data more time to marinate by publishing the documents earlier. Were they deliberately trying to look amateurish or are they once again just a convenient patsy?

During the Wednesday presidential debate, Le Pen set the stage for the current revelations by saying, “I hope that we will not find out that you have an offshore account in the Bahamas.” It does sound a lot like the go signal to someone who might have documents ready to dump or that she had been tipped as to what was “in the works.”

Macron responded by accusing Ms Le Pen of having an “Internet army mobilizing,” and with a threat, saying, “We will not hesitate to prosecute for defamation anyone who repeats this false information.” From the looks of things he’s going to be quite busy conducting his own defense, and there may will not be any false information or defamation. The French government has now opened an investigation into the leaks which will also, in all likelihood, reveal whether or not the offshore account allegations are true.

In an article in which they research the documents and circumstances surrounding the Cayman Island accounts and potential tax evasion by Macron, an anonymous audit conducted by, complete with scans of pertinent documents, resulted in the following conclusion, that “there is no reason to assume these documents are fake. If I was hired by the French government to inspect these documents, I would recommend that government investigators obtain a warrant to carry out further investigation into Emmanuel Macrons personal papers and correspondences, both written and digital.”

Perhaps his focus on the Clinton model will prove prophetic and have a similar result to her own. Then Macron could be on stage whining six months after the election about what those mean old Russians did with that awful woman Le Pen to “steal the election” when it was “rightfully his,” and within the globalists’ grasp.


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2 Comments on Macron Professing His Own “Clinton Innocence” – Focus On Russia, Ignore The Contents

  1. John Burgos // May 8, 2017 at 8:02 am // Reply

    Go to hell FRANCE!
    Don’t come crying to the USA
    NOW!—ISIS is your future!

  2. To the French people: We, in America, have seen this exact role play out. When Hillary Clinton was running for the American presidency, she was under investigation the entire time. She was not worried about being sent to prison, though. Here’s an example… Martha Stewart was arrested for lying 1 time to the FBI. She was sentenced to 18 months in prison for insider trading. Hillary Clinton was being investigated for all kinds of things but the biggest was national security, possibly treason(s) of sorts. Hillary Clinton lied 37 or 39 times to the FBI and didn’t even get a smack on her hand! Do you smell what I smell?

    Macron got his computer hacked and now he is back peddling to cover his proverbial arse. That is human nature, to a point. Clinton and Macron both did this, back peddling AND getting their computers hacked. They are both Globalists, as well. Maybe this is the good Lord’s way of saying,” DON’T VOTE FOR THIS MAN!” In order to put France back to the country you all love, a Globalist is not the way to proceed. Le Pen is the one who will be France’s savior as Trump is the savior of America.

    I pray that the French people have the ability to protect themselves and the ones they love. I pray that they are not a country of victims as are the Australian citizens. A government that fears armed citizens is a desperate country and will attempt to keep those citizens oppressed, at all costs. A Globalist will only make your hopes and dreams to protect yourself and your loved ones become unattainable.

    May God bless France and the wonderful French people.

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