Was Lynch Plane Monitored? Rep DeSantis Interrogates, FBI Dir Wray Wriggles

Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is the Democrats’ worst nightmare in the cover up of their political crimes. He’s tired of being lied, sweating FBI Dir Wray, who is obviously hiding info

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Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL), an Iraq War Veteran and Navy JAG attorney, wasted no time in laying the foundation to highlight the obstruction and other failures of the FBI to cooperate with Congress in their oversight duties.

DeSantis opened by noting that Hillary Clinton’s emails were backed up on a cloud by Dato Inc, asking, “Why did the FBI not search the Dato device in its possession for Hillary’s deleted emails?”

Wray goes immediately into his familiar “duck and cover up” posture, stating, “I believe decisions made in the course of the Clinton email investigation are all the subject of the Inspector General’s review,” a non-answer. He was asking why they weren’t searched, not if anyone else is now asking the same questions.

DeSantis asks, “Do you know why the FBI didn’t disclose that such a device was in its possession?” Wray, who was named as FBI Director after Comey was fired and not directly part of that segment of the cover up as it was unfolding replied, “I don’t know the answer to that.”

DeSantis asks, “Was Attorney General Lynch’s airplane cabin monitored when she met with Bill Clinton on 27 June, 2016 on the tarmac in Phoenix?” Wray pleads ignorance, saying, “I don’t know the answer to that and I think that the tarmac meeting, I think, is part of or related to the Inspector General’s outside independent investigation.”

DeSantis presses on, “Do you know how the meeting came about, though? It’s not like you just bump someone in the shopping mall, they met on a private plane or a plane. Do you have any insight into that?”

Wray opts for the Obama, “I’ve read some of the same of the same newspaper coverage that you have” response. He then repeats his inference that because the IG is looking into it he is somehow less able to speak to the FBI’s questionable conduct or provide answers to legitimate questions.

Congressman DeSantis is just getting started, asking next, “How did the Russia investigation start?” Did Peter Strzok start it? Wray says he’s “not aware” of who started the investigation. DeSantis follows with, “Was it started because the dossier was presented to somebody in the FBI?”

Wray says he doesn’t have the answer to that question. DeSantis asks, “But can you get the answer to that question for us?” Wray replies with a vague, non-committal, escape laden, “Well, if there’s information that we can provide without compromising the ongoing special counsel investigation I’m happy to see what there is that we can do to be responsive.”

DeSantis asks, “Was Peter Strzok involved in coming up with the conclusion that the FBI reached about Russia, whatever involvement they had when they issued the report after the election?” The evasive FBI Director replies, “That’s a question that goes right to the heart of the special counsel investigation and that I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to speculate or comment on that.”

DeSantis has had enough of this same garbage from both the FBI and the DOJ over the past few months in attempting to get answers about what is obvious complicity in criminal activity. He tells Wray, “So here’s the problem I think that you have. I think you’re walking into a contempt of Congress. I mean the idea that we can’t conduct oversight over how the FBI is handling things that are very sensitive, and then you’re going to come to us and say we should reauthorize all of these programs willy-nilly, I just think you’re wrong on that.”

He informs Wray that they deal with classified information all of the time. They have a question about how the dossier, which was generated for political purposes, ended up in the FBI’s possession and what the FBI did with it, very legitimate concerns. Instead of answers he’s being told he won’t be given any.

Wray then goes into the theoretical, philosophical rope a dope filibuster to run out the Congressman’s time without taking any more hits. DeSantis counters by reminding him that the chairman of the Intelligence Committee has a right to the information he’s sitting on but he won’t even produce it for him.

DeSantis says, “Here’s the problem, whether Strzok was involved in this, that needs to be disclosed to Congress. Whether the dossier was used to generate surveillance with the FISA court on a Trump associate, that needs to be disclosed to Congress.”

DeSantis tells Wray, “I don’t care about the sources and methods, man. We know the sources and methods. It was the Democrat Party paying Fusion GPS to get the dossier, so we know that. The question is how did your organization use it.”

There’s also an angle to the sources and methods that goes beyond simply the Clinton campaign contracting for a hit piece with Fusion GPS. There is the apparent involvement of the Obama regime in it and other abuses of power, including the unmasking that took place at the same time. Obama’s OFA handed $1million over to the laundering law firm when the dossier was initially being created that went to Fusion GPS.

All of the sources and methods are not known. If they were, there’d be a lot of top Democrats, those involved in persecuting President Trump and others, who would be sitting in federal prison right now.

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and also get another AG AS WELL.

Wray is such an arrogant smug POS. I always wondered why Trump would even consider him for the position.

DeSantis always seems to take the right side when he is on the talking heads shows. I would just like to see someone get past asking the same questions, over and over, and getting no responses. This is why everything always looks like good cop bad cop theater.