Lynch Obstructed Congress, Refused To Answer – But Trump Has The Special Counsel

loretta lynch

It’s beyond insulting and hypocritical, rising to the level of criminal abuse of power, that President Trump is the target of a political whaling expedition by the corrupt Democrats, a situation that is wrong in so many ways. They have stained and compromised our government and our nation with a mountain of real crimes by the filthy hands of individuals such as Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton, who face no consequences and the innocent are framed.

Lynch put on a clinic in how to be evasive and obstructionist in hearings into her complicity in the conspiracy that allowed espionage criminal Hillary Clinton to walk free without prosecution. Her offenses would have resulted in anyone not so well connected spending the rest of their life rotting away in Prison, but there are two sets of rules. It is a fact clearly illustrated by the refusal of this supposed chief law enforcement officer of the land to fulfill her duties and honor her oath. Instead she is acting as the chief law obstructer, serving the cabal by protecting the guilty Clinton.

On this day, September 14th, 2016, Loretta Lynch frustrated all who attempted to get a straight answer from her regarding the Clinton cover up and charade of an investigation. Rep Jason Chaffetz made what she is doing particularly obvious. He begins with a most obvious and basic question for the Attorney General, asking, “Does an individual need a security clearance to review or have access to classified material?” She replies, not with the obvious, “yes,” but with double talk, saying, “Congressman, that issue would be dependent upon the agency for whom they worked and the nature of the work that they did.”

Give me an example where you don’t need a security clearance to view classified material

He makes it easier for her to arrive at the correct response if she’s only willing to do so, asking,”Can you give me an example where you don’t need a security clearance to view classified material?” Caught trying to dance around the answer, Lynch replies that she “was going to say,” they would, but the type of clearance varies with every agency and the agency would make that decision and determination.” She admitted that a clearance is needed, the only admission she made during the entire day, and she had to qualify it with unnecessary and irrelevant blather.

She utilizes both the position that she’s not able to answer a hypothetical and that she’s not able to answer in relation to a specific case or an ongoing investigation throughout the day. In essence she states, in a piecemeal manner, that she’s not going to answer any question of any kind. She can’t. Doing so would lead to her being in conflict with the cover up of the Clinton crimes and the decision to let her off. That was not going to happen. 

This woman is free, after having engaged in probable abuse of power, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury and an assortment of other crimes and is not even presently under investigation. Her accomplices, including Hillary Clinton, the Clinton mafia of aides and co-conspirators, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Hussein Obama are all also roaming freely and not under investigation.

The innocent man who is our President, Donald Trump, is at the same time being railroaded and his Presidency crippled by the corrupt cabal of criminals that put Loretta Lynch and the others into power. She’s rubbing Congress’ nose in it, daring them to respond, fully aware that they’re not going to do anything about it. They don’t have the numbers, the corrupt outnumber the few relatively honest in the DC Swamp.

This is proof that the people are no longer in control of this nation. The criminals are our “leaders,” and many of our leaders, particularly those in the Obama regime and the deep state establishment, are criminals.

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