Lynch DOJ Takes Next Domino, Federalizing Chicago Police Department

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On Friday Loretta Lynch and her ACLU operative turned DOJ henchwoman, Vanita Gupta, held a news conference in Chicago, fresh off of a seizure of power and control over the Baltimore Police Department. It’s always the police who are at fault for crime and only more federal government control that is promoted as a cure to a problem that may or may not really exist or exist to the extent or in the manner that they claim it does. What’s important to the Lynch DOJ is that they get their hooks into a department and once they do, it’s forever. Now it’s Chicago’s turn.

In her statement Lynch proclaimed that “there is still considerable work to be done – work that will require federal partnership and independent oversight. That is why I am pleased to announce that the Department of Justice and the City of Chicago have agreed to begin negotiations on an independently monitored, court-enforceable consent decree. Another one bites the dust – Chicago is negotiating the terms of their surrender.

While it’s true that Chicago has the nation’s highest murder rate, with over 4,000 shot since Obama took over and almost 800 murdered, Lynch and her seedy Democrat comrades are focusing instead on the police, and the power that they represent. The goal, just as it clearly was in Baltimore, is twofold. Not only do they intend to create a national civilian “security” force under federal control, initially disguised as various municipal police departments, but to also restrict their ability to fight crime, thereby increasing chaos and creating more situations which in turn “demand” more federal intervention and restrictions.

Lynch announced, “The Department of Justice has concluded that there is reasonable cause to believe that the Chicago Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.” They had to find a civil rights violation, a violation of the Constitution or Lynch and her mob would have no pretext upon which to base their takeover. The AP clip then includes an example so that nobody can doubt her words.

“Our investigation,” says Lynch, “found that this pattern or practice is in no small part the result of severely deficient training procedures and accountability systems.” Certainly there is room for improvement in any organization, and under Holder, Lynch and Obama, every deficiency is seen as an opportunity in the conduct of their witch hunts to be used as the basis for their takeover.

The apparent sufferer of “chronic helium sucking syndrome,” victim Vanita Gupta was up next, telling reporters, “We found that the Chicago Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force, including deadly force and non-deadly force. This pattern includes, for example, shooting at people who present no immediate threat and tasing people for not following verbal commands.” When she says “we found,” she’s describing the powers of judge, jury and executioner powers that DOJ has claimed for itself to make intimidate municipalities and law enforcement agencies into compliance and submission. The choice is simple, meet our demands, financed by the endless federal piggy bank and backed up by an army of lawyers or lose after first being bankrupted. The words “we found” are synonymous with “we declare” or “we dictate.”

She continues, “We found that this pattern of unconstitutional force is largely attributable to systemic deficiencies within the CPD and city. We found that CPD does not adequately train its officers to use the appropriate amount of force. For example we observed training on deadly force that used a video made decades ago, with guidance inconsistent with both current law and internal policy.”

Once Lynch and her best beagle come sniffing around a department, that department had better be perfect or be prepared to surrender their independence and no department is perfect. This is a program that was begun by Obama and Holder after they escalated the situation in Ferguson, a city and police department which they have already taken over. Similar actions were just announced in Baltimore this week as well.

They don’t want to address the murder or crime rates and they don’t dare mention the open border sanctuary city policies that make the city a magnet for illegal alien criminals. It’s a huge factor in the officer workload and a difficulty that police are forced to deal with on a daily basis. Of course, Gupta are her fellow civil rights ACLU agitators didn’t “find that.”

Obama, Lynch and Emanuel made certain this declaration was made before the regime was out of office and clearly they must have their reasons. Just because Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chicago we can’t assume that he wants what’s best for the city or its citizens. Was federal grant money awarded to Chicago in exchange for letting the feds have control, what the Dems would consider a win/win, something for nothing outcome? With Clinton losing and the Democrats out of the picture for at least the next four years, are they looking ahead in anticipation of inserting themselves and taking the reins of their national police force at that time?

The Democrats don’t want to fight the crime, they don’t want to blame the criminals, they don’t want to stop illegal immigration. They want civil unrest and chaos because peace offers them no opportunity to insert themselves and wrest away ever more control. They’re attacking those who preserve the peace, making their jobs more difficult and dangerous, discouraging effective crime fighting which only means it will go up.

They just proved the argument that for Democrats chaos equals more power, declaring Chicago to be a chaotic mess as they announce it’s falling under their control.

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