Lynch Silent On Questions Of Corruption, Collusion With Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey For Clinton

Loretta Lynch and the whole Obama DOJ and FBI are being revealed as a criminal operation as things slowly unravel. She refused to explain her corrupt behavior in league with…

loretta lynch

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch walks silently down a small hallway as she ignores questions from Catherine Herridge about her complicity in the cover up and obstruction of justice in the Hillary Clinton email case.

She’s asked, “Attorney General Lynch, can you address any of the issues raised by Director Comey during his testimony in May before the Senate Intelligence Committee?” There was no response, as was likely the case inside the hearings as well. She’s noted for dodging questions and simply just refusing to answer. Lynch is above communicating with the slave class.

Herridge plays video of some of the allegations made by Comey, although he’s at least as dirty as Lynch is and likely, as hard as it is to believe, more so. New information of his conspiracy with Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and others to bury evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the Clintons in a pay for play scandal is coming to light.

That illegal and treasonous transaction brought ownership of 20% of American uranium to Russia. Evidence indicates Comey’s up to his neck in criminal activity and the effort to cover it up. That effort includes the current witch hunt by those same guilty parties and others against President Trump,  an effort to frame him and divert attention from crimes the Comey – Clinton cabal committed themselves. 

For those who wondered how Comey, by sending that memo to his friend to leak to the New York Times, was certain that the special prosecutor would be appointed and that it would be his partner in crime Robert Mueller, it’s all becoming apparent. Rosenstein, who made the appointment, is also one of the co-conspirators in the FBI Clinton cover up. The fix was in, they just wanted to make it look as plausible as possible when they pulled the trigger.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has refused to allow a gagged witness to testify as to the corruption and cover up by the Department of Justice and the FBI, effectively took the Fifth Amendment himself in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He was asked by Senator Lindsey Graham, “Do you know if there was a phone call between the former Attorney General, Ms Lynch, and the White House regarding whether or not she should take a meeting with former President Clinton on the tarmac?”

Sessions played the convenient recusal card he dealt himself early in the administration, freeing himself from having to take a more active role in the cover up. He responded, “No,” and then appearing to choose his words very carefully, added, “The inquiries should be properly directed to the Deputy Attorney General.”

That’s Rod Rosenstein, who was also involved in the cover up of the Clinton crimes and the evidence of the Russia Uranium deal as well as the distraction that is the farce of the Russia, Russia, Russia Trump collusion hoax, appointing his co-conspirator Robert Mueller as the special prosecutor. They’re attempting to overwhelm the administration and to lessen the appetite for special prosecutors by going on offense against the President, pinning another, fabricated version of Russia collusion crimes on him to confuse and distract the public away from their own real criminal actions.

Herridge also notes that the firm that created the phony Trump Dossier, Fusion GPS took the Fifth Amendment in court earlier this week. There’s a lot of deception and hiding of facts and truth going on at the DOJ, FBI, State Dept and Clinton crime syndicate. How long before some Republicans get their testosterone back and demand the truth and initiate action to get it?

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