Tea Party Leader Blasts Corrupt, Lying McConnell, Swamp Rat Strange

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Following the exposure of Mitch McConnell’s swamp boy, Luther Strange and his PAC, the corrupt Senate Leadership Fund falsifying ads against Judge Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat, it would be entirely appropriate for President Trump to withdraw his endorsement, one that was clearly based upon pleasing swamp kingpin McConnell rather than the qualifications or suitability of the candidate.

It’s bad enough he backed McConnell’s street walker at all, as he represents everything we voted for President Trump to put an end to, but there has been significant pressure and a desire to work with McConnell. Now clearly, with these revelations, President Trump has an opportunity to correct his mistake, as does Vice President Pence. Withdraw the endorsements, and get behind an honest conservative, Judge Roy Moore.

Last week McConnell’s establishment campaign slush fund, the Senate Leadership Fund PAC, was busted for falsely editing videos together to make it appear as if Moore opposed President Trump’s border wall. This week, instead of retracting their lies or admitting to their attempts to smear their opponent with complete fabrications, two more similar ads were released as well.

Becky Gerritson, president of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Wetumpka, Alabama, which is just outside of Montgomery, explained to the people of Alabama what their appointed temporary replacement for Senator Jeff Sessions and his backers are doing. She urged the crooked politicians to discover their morals and integrity. She also urged Alabama voters to send the corrupt Luther Strange and his dirty pimp, Mitch McConnell, packing. Gerritson wrote:

“The Swamp’s fervor continues to bubble up in Alabama. Mitch McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) have released a new ad for their ‘chosen one’, ‘Big Luther’ Strange. Rather than focusing on the “positive qualities” of their candidate they, once again, have resorted to using their opponent’s words out of context to create a lie.

This is the Swamp’s modus operandi and Big Luther is perfectly fine with it. These are the tactics that Americans loath. We detest being lied to by politicians. That’s part of the reason they have such horrendous approval ratings. The SLF’s latest attack ad tries to make Alabama voters believe that Judge Roy Moore is against border security and President Trump’s border wall. What a joke!

I am the founder and President of the Wetumpka TEA Party, the largest and most active TEA Party in the state of Alabama. Over 300 people attended our July 31st Senate Candidate Forum. Never once did Judge Roy Moore state directly or even allude to not wanting to secure our borders. In their attack ad they use one line that Moore said at our event, ‘I don’t think it would take a wall.’ However, it was taken out of context.

In his complete answer he states two times that he supports a border wall and he also expounds on other ways to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country unlawfully. It’s obvious that neither the SLF nor Sen. Strange care about the truth.

Luther is losing in the polls so the DC Swamp has nothing left to do but create lies and fear in order to try to turn voters to their side. Well, guess what Mitch and Luther…we’re not buying it!”

 “Big Luther has only been in the Senate for a few months. “Yet, I am still astounded at how quickly he fell under the spell of Mitch McConnell and the establishment leadership. The fact that Luther Strange has not denounced these attack ads shows that he has fully embodied the Swamp mentality. If this is how he acts when he’s trying to win our votes then I shudder to think how he will act if he is elected.”

“I hope you will join me in voting for Judge Roy Moore, a man of integrity who runs on his qualifications alone. Let’s DRAIN THE SWAMP on Sept 26th!”


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