Lyin’ Lewis -“Principled” Icon Lied That Never Missed Inauguration Before

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We all know that Rep John Lewis has been playing politics and milking his civil rights reputation to advance the anti-Trump agenda, freely lying and smearing anyone who stood in his way. All the while the media propagandists have been reinforcing his credibility, labeling him as someone who could not be challenged in any way because of his experience on a bridge decades ago.

Of course we’ve been quite vocal in pointing out the hypocrisy of the man and those who are enabling and propping him up in his nefarious efforts against Mr. Trump, with more evidence now coming to light of just how dishonest and corrupt he is. He’s lied about a lot of things, including that tea partiers used the “N” word to describe racist Congressional Black Caucus agitators on the Capitol steps, which was never proven and which video tape debunked.

Now more video tape is once again demonstrating that the “sincere advocate for civil rights” is just a political hack, a man of little or no character, willing to do whatever it takes to advance the anti-white, Marxist agenda of his Party.

His comments when he told Chuck Todd that he wouldn’t be attending the inauguration included a statement that it would be his first time to miss the inauguration since he’s been in Congress. He’s lying and the tape proves it. Host Trish Regan calls him out on what Fox News uncovered.

She says, “We did the research and it turns out this is not his first inauguration Congressman Lewis didn’t attend. He also refused to attend George W. Bush’s inauguration back in 2001. In fact, an article from the Washington Post dated January 21st, 2001 reads, and I’m sharing this with you, ‘John Lewis, for instance, spent [inauguration] day in his Atlanta district. He thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush’s swearing-in because he doesn’t believe Bush is the true elected President.’

Regan summarizes, “Not the true elected president? You see there’s a pattern of behavior. There’s a pattern of rhetoric with this gentleman.”

Lewis only missed it by one, or by half, depending upon how you score it. How could such a “smart leader” not know he’d get caught? The Alinsky Marxist creed, the end justifies the means. Lying is okay as long as it discredits Mr. Trump. Ignore the lies from Lewis – he’s wearing his Teflon civil rights suit and Russia did it.

After skipping Bush’s inauguration in ’01, @Trish_Regan says there’s a pattern of John Lewis’s attempts to de-legitimize Presidents!

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2 Comments on Lyin’ Lewis -“Principled” Icon Lied That Never Missed Inauguration Before

  1. We already know that the democratic party had plans to push the n.w.o. down the throats of the AMERICAN people, well NO MORE, now we have our champions, and we have to do everything in our power to protect the new president, and his administration, the left wants a one world SOCIALIST GOV’NT, we have seen with our own eyes, we have heard with our own ears, the lies and the slander coming out of the dems mouths, they have had control for decades, and NOTHING good has come out of it, the dems as well the liberal media have proven time and time again that they CANNOT tell the truth if there lives depended on it, even a former leader of the Black Panthers, has stated that john lewis is selling out his own people, then hiding behind his past civil rights record,WAKE UP AMERICA, PRESIDENT TRUMP, and VICE PRESIDENT PENCE are the real deal, and the left is loosing there minds trying to stop him, it’s like we’re up against the devil himself with the democratic party!

  2. Dr. Deplorable // January 18, 2017 at 10:13 pm // Reply

    Is John Lewis (His name Stolen from White folks)acting like a man named Lewis or more like a man named Mutumba Orangatanga?

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