Luis Gutierrez Arrested Outside WH For His Own Type Of Illegal Obstruction

luis gutierrez

Are there any law-abiding Democrats left? Rep Luis “the Roach” Gutierrez, a Democrat whose constituency is the illegal alien squatter population, not the American citizens he’s bound by his “non-binding” oath to serve, was arrested Tuesday for squatting himself, on a sidewalk in front of the White House.

Gutierrez is a Democrat so, aside from lawbreaking, protesting is a key component of his duties as an open borders radical representing non-Americans who are attempting to force their way to occupying America. But they have to be either Hispanic or Black for Gutierrez to take up their cause. None of those awful, privileged whites for him.

Gutierrez was arrested this time during a squat-in with about thirty other “protesters” obstructing the sidewalk. Why not squat in the street, Gutierrez? Live a little, the sidewalk is for cowards and girlie men. Don’t you people love disrupting traffic?

They were marking the fifth anniversary of the Obama illegal subversion of American immigration law that still continues under the Trump administration, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

First the small group of attention-seeking radicals held a rally in Lafayette Square, across the street. Gutierrez gave an interview to The Hill just before being hauled off to a VIP booking in the Park Police jail on a charge for which he’ll spend just as much time behind bars as Hillary Clinton has. She’s also committed a crime of obstruction, although a much more serious kind, the kind that has successfully kept her out of prison thus far.

The Roach, who is always flapping his gums and reminding us that English is his second language said, “The same values that I inculcated in my daughters, that my wife and I raised them, [Dreamers] are an example and exemplify them. Their dreams are just like my kids’ dreams.” That might be true Gutierrez, but your daughters are Americans, so the situation is completely different. They have a right to “dream” here. The foreign squatter kids do not.

Gutierrez is trying to build sympathy for the position of the illegals in the face of an impending legal challenge from ten states, led by the good people of Texas and their Attorney General Ken Paxton. They’ve vowed a legal challenge if President Trump doesn’t rescind the executive order of Hussein Obama by September 5th, something he could do with a phone call or a memo.

It’s almost to the point that, along with issuing Democrats their credentials at their swearing in, their pictures should automatically be put onto wanted posters as they’re pretty much all crooks. The offenses could be filled in later as they’re committed.

Some of the “protesters” chanted the familiar, moronic, “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now” drivel that we’re used to hearing at these “break the law for the children” and other leftist events. If they really want justice they should get a hold of a few ICE Officers. Undoubtedly they’d be willing and able to dispense some much needed justice to them right away.



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