Lou Dobbs – Republicans Better Throw Paul Ryan Out Of Speaker’s Office

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the role of Speaker Paul Ryan in derailing President Trump’s agenda, at least to this point. President Trump’s set to travel to Ryan’s home district in Wisconsin tomorrow and visit the headquarters of tool-maker Snap-On. “

“But not to worry,” Dobbs reassures us, “Speaker Ryan won’t be there as the President focuses on his hire American, buy American, America first agenda – jobs, jobs, jobs. No, Speaker Ryan will be off in Europe, where he becomes the first Speaker in American history to have his own foreign policy.”

Dobbs reminds us, “This is the same Speaker who worked against President Trump in the presidential campaign, who’s worked against him every step of the way, as Mr. Trump became President. And as you know, Ryan not only has his own foreign policy, he has an important domestic policy too. And it’s collided with the President’s agenda. It’s a dreadful mess that Ryan calls, insufferably, “A Better Way.” Get it? Better way.”

Dobbs says, “No one at the White House can explain why President Trump and his advisers have put up with Ryan. Ryan, right now, is the leader of the opposition just as surely as Chuck Schumer is the leader of the Dems. And just how unpopular is Speaker Ryan, now that he’s derailed the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and frustrated the Trump agenda? How unpopular is working against the President’s tax reform initiative, working against the President’s border wall, refusing to fund it?”

“How unpopular is Ryan for all of that?” Dobbs tells us, “Well, as you might guess, Ryan is outright reviled. Only 29% of voters approve of the job Speaker Ryan is doing, according to the latest Pew poll. In fact, Ryan’s approval rating is lower than the three Speakers who preceded him, regardless of party.” He cites a statistic that 58% of Republicans say the party is divided and it’s easy to see why.”

“Because, despite repeated warnings,” says Dobbs, “Ryan continues to be himself, his awful self. Ryan must be a lot smarter at politics than anyone could imagine, a lot smarter than he would believe anyone to believe, because what other lawmaker, as incompetent as he, could have people insist that Ryan accept the speakership, when he claimed not to even want it. And now won’t give up the Speakership or the big old jetliner that takes him home every weekend to Janesville, WI, to spend time with his family.”

“Admirable, but not particularly hard-working,” Dobbs points out. “Republicans have a lot to answer for and far more if they don’t throw Paul Ryan out of the Speaker’s office and get on with the work that is in front of the entire nation.”


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8 Comments on Lou Dobbs – Republicans Better Throw Paul Ryan Out Of Speaker’s Office

  1. I’m playing my cards close to the vest. If things continue as they appear, the swamp filling not emptying, no repeal, no tax reform, no border wall, I will start thinking that it was all a game and Ryan is the foil to push the blame on.

    I sure hope it doesn’t turn to be Trump and Ryan working together for the neocons and the globalists.

  2. Ryan is in Europe, probably to help McCain conspire with the Syrian opposition gang to find another way to yank Assad out of power, since their chemical false flag hasn’t worked so well. Sovereignty and autonomy mean nothing to these clowns. Where are Graham and Ayotte when he (McCain) needs them?

  3. It would be good if the Wisconsin voters would get off their butts and find a good candidate to get him out in the forthcoming primaries. If not, there will need to be a House movement to replace him in the Speaker’s office. Best if the cheeseheads take care of it.

  4. Is Ryan on Soros payroll, if so what is his salary.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // April 18, 2017 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    There was a perfect opportunity last year to replace Ryan with Paul Nehlen, and they were neck and neck the day before the election, and then after the election Ryan wins by 83%. Why? Because Wisconsin is well-known to be one of the big vote fraud states. Look, the Repubs have been in bed with the left for decades now, it’s why you can’t get rid of this scum. I don’t know how you solve these problems without citizens becoming totally involved.

  6. TONYA PARNELL // April 18, 2017 at 2:41 pm // Reply

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan filed papers with the Federal Elections Commission in January , 2016 to run for President and Vice President. Trump messed it up and ran, much to their disappointment. Ryan has vowed never to support Trump, telling supporters he would let Trump get small things done, but, the big stuff like tax reform and Ohomocare, forget it. Ryan is a traitor.

  7. Deplorable Doctor // April 18, 2017 at 11:13 am // Reply

    RINO RYAN Must Go NOW! Ryan is as much Anti-Trump at Mitt Romney!

  8. Bennie Sowers // April 18, 2017 at 10:15 am // Reply

    U bet Paul Ryan is a ???? in the grass Trump had better wake the hell up and throw all of these poison snake’s out of this ???? and he had better stop this DACA & DAPA bull shit we are frigging sick of refugees and frigging illegal aliens All 100.000 of them not 11 million lol

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