Lou Dobbs – Keep Your Fancy Airplane Ryan – Just Please, Please, Get Out Of The Way

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts as “members of Congress are trickling back into our nation’s capital, particularly Congressmen and women who’ve heard an earful from their constituents, many of whom can’t quite understand why the Republican Party, in control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency, can’t get anything done.”

Dobbs continues, describing their mystification as to “Why they refuse to help, for example, the President move his agenda ahead. And Lord, they don’t like speaker Ryan, 40% of voters view him negatively, almost twice as many do so as those who like him, up from 5% in February. And a vast majority of Americans are just unimpressed by Congress altogether.”

“Nearly three-quarters disapproves of Congress’ job performance, that’s up twelve 12 points just since February. There’s no mystery about why. The Dems in Congress want a government shutdown, Speaker Ryan seems indifferent and cooperative with the Democrats, as usual,” notes Dobbs.”

“Ryan joins with the Dems in blocking funding of the border wall,” says Dobbs, “the White House and Ryan already at odds on tax reform ahead of the President’s announcement, that coming tomorrow. Ryan screwed up the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, a Congressional source slamming Ryan. He told Politico, ‘It’s Paul Ryan’s world and we’re all just living in it.”

Dobbs observes, “Ryan’s world is an absurdist’s dream. He’s managed to push through, in his entire 18 years, only three bills into law. He was plucked from anonymity and ineptitude to join Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket in 2012; they lost, of course. And then, in the battle to remove John Boehner as Speaker, the Freedom Caucus and others were persuaded that Boehner’s pal Ryan would make just a brilliant choice. They were incredibly wrong.”

“And now,” says Dobbs, “faced with the prospect of a government shutdown, a Ryan refusal to fund the border wall and absolutely a hapless Speaker on the issue of tax reform, who wants to transfer taxes from business to consumers, well once again the renewed effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, this fellow Ryan has it all mucked up to a fare thee well.”

Dobbs closes, saying, “Lord, Mr. Ryan, keep your perks, keep that fancy airplane that taxpayers fund, to ferry you home and back each and every weekend. And then we’ll let you use it for more boondoggles like the one you just went on to see the world. But please, please, just get out of the way – please. We’ve got a nation that needs to be led.”

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