Lou Dobbs – Judiciary SUBPOENAS Signal 2nd Special Prosecutor For DEMOCRATS

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Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the Obama regime criminals, starting off with his take on the issuance of subpoenas by the House Judiciary Committee. He says he’s usually a bit wary of the committee actions because they are generally just a lot of hot air and sound bites.

He notes that they have a value in that they point to the larger question that Comey needs to be asked under oath “what he was doing with Steele and how much money they paid him to begin with.”

He said, “I think the heart of the question that they’re getting at is good, I just wish that a law enforcement agency or the Department of Justice were the ones doing the drilling down because frankly, the committees don’t have the depth or the strength to really carry through on these very, very important issues.”

Dobbs expresses optimism, saying, “These are two, it seems to me, different circumstances for both House Judiciary as well as the Senate Judiciary.” He says what is really interesting him are the calls now for a special counsel to after Mueller, Fusion GPS, the Democrats and even dossier courier Senator John McCain. Dobbs says “it’s getting really, really, very serious.”

Ferrell says, “It’s very murky and I still want the DNC server that Crowdstrike purportedly approved or signed off on. The fact that the FBI took that as being evidentiary or as being a law enforcement act is nonsense.”

He continues, “And how they got away with telling the FBI ‘drop dead’ instead of the FBI simply, or US Marshals seizing that server is beyond me. But again that’s part of the same mentality that had Comey writing a get out of jail free card for Hillary back in late April.

Dobbs makes a reference to the still ongoing corruption at the FBI in the form of the recent declaration by one of their dirty cops that there was not a sufficient public interest in the Clinton case for a FOIA request to be complied with, noting that things have to change, objectivity and transparency need to return.

Ferrell references a video of Rep Ratcliffe of Texas “doing a number on Mr. Comey, just disassembling the phony arguments that he had used to sort of rationalize or justify Hillary Clinton’s conduct.” He says, “Look, she’s a national security criminal. She sent 22 top secret SCI emails across that outlaw server.”

“Any other federal government employee,” Ferrell says, “would be taken out of the room in chains. And she laughs about it and is getting ready to go on a book tour to make more fun of it. Anybody with a clearance, anybody in law enforcement, the intelligence world looking at this makes their stomach roll over.”

“And they know that there’s this enormous disparity,” adds Ferrell. “The notion of equal justice under the law is destroyed by what Comey did and he needs to answer for it.”

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5 Comments on Lou Dobbs – Judiciary SUBPOENAS Signal 2nd Special Prosecutor For DEMOCRATS


  2. It will be very interesting to see if anyone is held accountable for anything.

  3. Hillary will probably die of old age before she’s indicted and convicted, postmortem has happened before, so it’s possible though not preferable. I’d really like to see a “special counsel to after Mueller, Fusion GPS, the Democrats and even dossier courier Senator John McCain” though. That would be a good start!

  4. Obama and his gang belong in jail. Soros for supporting the whole crooked mess with money and hiring thugs to disrupt peaceful protests (which I think should stop too), Obama for his many illegal executive orders, like DACA, and stopping businesses like oil drilling, fishing and logging. Obama also stole billions of dollars of our tax money for his play boy vacations, which he took his whole family, friends and Michelle’s aides on. Now he’s claiming $1.1 million in expenses for 2018. Then there’s his getting paid for campaigning for himself in 2008 and Clinton in 2016, and the expense of AF1 and his security team. That’s just some of his thieving. Then we all know about Clinton and her lies.

  5. Deplorable Doctor // September 6, 2017 at 8:04 pm // Reply

    Bring Comey before a Grand Jury NOW!

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