Lou Dobbs, Judicial Watch On Rice Hearings, Soros Sucking Taxpayer Millions

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Chris Farrell, the Director of Research and Investigations for Judicial Watch, joined Lou Dobbs for an update of their legal actions, starting off with an investigation into $5million of taxpayer money that went to George Soros, laundered through USAID under the US State Department. He notes it was “To basically use Saul Alinsky tactics to knock out the duly and rightly elected center-right government in Macedonia.”

Farrell continues, “And so they did things like translate Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals into Macedonian, and they’re training youth to go out on the street and protest.” He clarifies, “USAID is funding an Open Society Foundation arm, a Soros operation.”

Dobbs interjects, “Which are always political arms.” Farrell replies, “Correct, in Macedonia, using our tax dollars.” Dobbs mockingly says, “Well, I’m surprised the left isn’t all over this because this would be interference in an election by George Soros and his open society. My goodness, surely they won’t stand for that.” Farrell agrees, “The hypocrisy and the irony is rich.”

Dobbs looks forward to the first closed door hearings by the intelligence committees taking testimony from Susan Rice, asking, “Is there any prospect at all that we’re going to learn any more about the scope, the scale of what was clearly an abuse of power within the Obama administration?”

Farrell wants to see a grand jury, saying, “The hearings in Congress are necessary, they’re constitutionally obligated, obviously, their oversight obligation that the House and Senate committees have,  but the behind closed door sessions are one thing, the public sessions are really publicity stunts, both for the Congressmen and also for the people testifying.”

Dobbs and Farrell address the lying by both former DNI Clapper and former CIA Director Brennan about the extent of surveillance among the intelligence community, among other things. Dobbs says to him one of the “richest moments of the Obama administration” is their “spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee, got away  with lying about it, got away with doing it, and here he is going back to talk to his friends on Capitol Hill.

Farrell says, “This is all about crafting a narrative, right? This is a public relations campaign. It’s a domestic information operation where these guys get in front of this open session and they try to craft the narrative. They try to get all of the various talking heads on television and the writers to all agree on what the, sort of the mutually agreed upon lie that they’re going to try to sell the American public.”

“Which they’ve done so well for so long,” adds Dobbs. “They have,” Farrell agrees in closing.

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  1. When are we going to get rid of George Soros?, He has been playing us for way to long. Time to put him in prison….we have plenty to hang him with…come on people, what are you waiting for, ?????????

  2. Deplorable Doctor // April 27, 2017 at 9:31 am // Reply

    Appoint a Special Prosecutor for Susan RICE & HildaBeast!

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