Lou Dobbs – Head Clown Schumer Quite Impressed With Himself, Without Justification

lou dobbs


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on the man President Trump has proclaimed as the head clown. Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer has caricatured himself with his over the top mendacity, his petty partisanship and just plain meanness. His powerful sense of self-importance was manifest in an interview with Politico today. How so, you ask, and Schumer delivers.”

Dobbs relates Schumer’s story, how after the election “Schumer was distraught and the divine, he says, interceded to lift his sagging spirit. He said it was like a thunderbolt hit me, almost a message from God.  I said to myself, if Hillary won and you were majority leader job would be more fun and it would be a lot easier. But with Trump as President and you as Minority Leader, the job  is much more important.”

Dobbs is impressed, noting, “Much more important, wow. The Minority Leader even going so far as to predict victory for Dems if there is a government shutdown, and in his resurgent mood and high-flying esteem he sees only good in the confirmation  battle over Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.”

Dobbs says, “Not to quibble with the head clown, but there is a little matter of reality to contend with here. Schumer has still achieved nothing of note. He has delayed but not stopped the President’s cabinet nominees, and Schumer knows many of his fellow Dems will be looking for lifelines when healthcare, Obamacare begins its meltdown, and looking to Republicans, certainly, for a rescue.”

And as for Judge Gorsuch, Schumer’s record on Supreme Court nominees, not so great. He predicted Republicans would break with McConnell and vote on Obama nominee Judge Merrick Garland. Schumer is hardly the picture of personal confidence but he does keep trying.”

“But the pressure to succeed,” says Dobbs, “not just to show up, takes a toll on him. Schumer even lashing out at a Trump supporter in a New York restaurant over the weekend, yelling at the wife of a Carter administration official, Hilary Califano. That’s right, her husband, Joe. Schumer might want to reexamine his strategy, especially when he’s already losing to a leader like President Trump, whose initiative and drive are unlimited, who will outwork and yes, outsmart the Minority Leader at every turn.”

Dobbs adds, “No matter Schumer’s pretense, this isn’t a fair fight.”

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