Lou Dobbs – The First Week Of Trump, All That In Just One Week?

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “on what has been an action packed first week for President Trump,” joking that it seems like it’s been longer than that. “The President was sworn in just a week ago today but he’s already signed fourteen executive actions and orders and memoranda. He’s met with business, labor and Congressional leaders, as well as one foreign leader in the White House.”

Dobbs notes, “He’s traveled to a number of federal agencies and all the way to Philadelphia to talk to Senators and Congressmen at their annual Republican retreat. President Trump is setting a fast pace to say the least. But the Democrats are slowing from what was already a snail’s pace. The already obstructionist Dems now looking to pursue a scorched earth policy, vowing to work against the president, to block him at every turn.”

“Their do-nothing doctrine,” says Mr. Dobbs, “comes as President Trump reaches out to what was once a key Democrat constituency: unions, and their workers and their families. Unions struggling in recent years, of course. ‘president’ Obama did almost nothing for them. Union membership, in fact, has dropped to just over ten percent of the workforce. That’s the lowest number since records were first kept for membership.”

Dobbs says, “But union workers moving to Mr. Trump in the election and he met with union leaders earlier this week. They had nothing but lavish praise for the new president. The result, a manufacturing jobs initiative comprised of both business and labor union leaders. The President has already taken action to help American workers, withdrawing from TPP, green lighting the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines which could benefit the union workers as well.”

“The President,” Dobbs notes, “has been obviously full speed ahead, working tirelessly, showing off the energy that drove him as a candidate, but also mounting a full-on charm offensive as he drives ahead with his commitment to the interests of this country and America first in every way. He’s leading by example. By the way, President Trump has also brought to the presidency a refreshing preference for ‘we, our, us” over “I, me, and my.’ You may remember that has not always been so.”

Mr. Dobbs says, “You should know that in his speech to the Republicans at their Philadelphia retreat, President Trump used the first person plural twice as many times as the singular. And President Trump hasn’t once, not once, blamed a thing on his predecessor in the Oval Office.

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