Lou Dobbs, Ex-Governor Chased By Hateful Mob Of LGBT Thugs At DC March

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Lou Dobbs and Sheriff David Clarke start off their discussion of the Saturday Women’s March on DC with the aging trollup Madonna and her statement about blowing up the White House now that the occupant has changed. Sheriff Clarke feels she’s resorting to political activism as the only means for her to get attention anymore.

 He says, “She wasn’t taken out of context, we all heard it, she did that for shock value. Now she’s trying to walk it back. I think she should at least get a visit from either FBI agents or the Secret Service for some questioning to at least send a message to her that that kind of stuff will not go on during the Donald Trump administration, not just his but any president’s administration.”

Dobbs describes being at the event and roughly thirty LGBT agitators, thugettes and female thugettes who “were menacing, chasing, pursuing, whatever, Pat McCrory, the former governor of North Carolina.” He thanks two of the DC police who, after a few minutes stepped in and told them to move along. Dobbs hints around the hostilities that took place towards which were captured in the second video below by the proud perpetrators. He was being too generous in describing the nature of the attack.

Changing the subject to the overall tone of the nation since the election and now the inauguration, Dobbs asks Sheriff Clarke, “Are you sensing the change and do you think your colleagues in law enforcement across the country are already responding to a difference in tone and atmosphere?”

Clarke replies, “Sure, and I was excited when I heard Donald Trump, during his inaugural address point out the fact that there’s going to be a new respect, not only for Veterans and for active military personnel, but he also said law enforcement. That’s the sort of thing we want to hear, a new narrative for America.”

He says, “Look, the overwhelming majority of law abiding people in America respect the police, they respect their authority, they do comply with lawful commands and they know the importance of law enforcement officers. But the Obama administration and the office under him was an echo chamber for the anti-police sentiment. I do believe it will change. I’m sensing this much from the law enforcement officers I’ve talked to all last week and will continue to talk to, they’re sensing it as well, that there’s a new sheriff in town, if I can use that phrase, and from there is going to come a new spirit of respect. Not just for law enforcement, but authority all across America.”

From the video and all of the other actions and interactions of the weekend and beyond, it’s clear that the leftists are the hate-mongers, the instigators, the source of conflict and violence, despite their claims to the contrary. They’ve left little doubt that they’ve also got the loudest and most foul mouths as well.

The incident was captured by the wormy, limp-wristed sissy boys and manly women instigators, who clearly, from the sound of the voices, are lucky that Dobbs and McCrory showed restraint and that Sheriff Clarke was not in their party.

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2 Comments on Lou Dobbs, Ex-Governor Chased By Hateful Mob Of LGBT Thugs At DC March

  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // January 25, 2017 at 9:47 am // Reply

    Too bad the bikers were not allowed to stomp the shit out of the protesters. None of them deserved to be recognized as female; they are just braindead morons.

  2. SHAME ON ALL of those (??? whatever they are)—who choose not to be normal but have now have come out of the closet and proclaim proudly that they are QUEER/GAY—Another Sodom and Gommorah awaits you all !

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