Lou Dobbs – If Congress Wants To Make A Deal On Health Care, Trump Is Listening

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts “as President Trump and conservative Republicans face off over the passage or defeat of Ryancare. President Trump looking to add to his hugely significant list of accomplishments already. His thirty executive actions fulfill promises to abandon the TPP, approve Keystone Dakota pipeline, break ground on the border wall, slash regulations and streamline the executive branch, yes, all of that in two months.”

The President today in a full press to appeal and replace Obamacare,” Dobbs notes, “going over to the capitol to meet with House Republicans and urge their support, marshal their votes for what is now derisively called Ryancare. This, by the way, was the President’s fourth trip to the Capitol in two months. His predecessor, ‘president’ Obama made only 14 trips to Capitol Hill in his entire 8 years. Think about that, four already to Obama’s 14 over eight years. It’s extraordinary.”

Dobbs points out, “The last of the Obama visits was in January when his signature law was in crisis, its future in doubt. At the time I said it was clear Mr. Trump would be an entirely different kind of President, with a very different relationship with Congress than Obama. Trump seems to like Congress. He’s had dozens of members to the White House, while Mr. Obama mostly ignored them for his entire ‘presidency.'”

“And now,” says Dobbs, “President Trump telling those House Republicans that a loss on the vote Thursday is just not acceptable, calling out Freedom Caucus chairman Congressman Mark Meadows, joking, joking that if the Congressman didn’t get on board ‘I’m coming after you.’ For his part Meadows says he knows that the President was joking. He says the Freedom Caucus, and he’s not joking, still has 21 no votes, with some members saying as many as 50 Republicans will vote against the bill, despite some modest changes that Speaker Ryan permitted.”

Dobbs continues, “No one can say with certainty, of course, how this collision will conclude, who will win, but as usual the President is outworking everyone who’s opposed to the bill. This might be a terrific time for Congressmen Meadows and Jordan and Senator Paul to talk to the President about a deal. After all, the President does like to deal and the President does have a long established habit of winning when he does so.”

“Who knows,” asks Dobbs, “maybe a win/win for everyone remains possible. We’ll see.”

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