Lou Dobbs – Chest Pounding Generals And Advisers Have Forgotten Meaning Of Victory

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Lou Dobbs addresses America’s devolving perception of victory, saying, “No one, I assure you wants victory over all the enemies of our great nation [more] than me. But no one is more concerned that we have squandered so much and achieved so little in our “war against terror,” as President Bush branded it back in 2001.”

He continues, “Our military is shrinking down to 1.3 million active duty military personnel. Only three combat brigades ready to fight. And the heavy toll since September 11th, nearly 5,400 hundred members of our military have been killed in action, more than 52,000 wounded over that time, some $4T spent on wars since September 11th.”

“A period of almost 16 years,” says Dobbs, “think about that – 16 years without a lasting victory, without a successful general to lead another parade of our troops through the canyon of heroes in New York City. There is, in my mind, something not quite right about generals and presidential advisers acting as though airstrikes in which they rained down one and a half million dollar missiles on targets, at an undefended airbase in Syria, represents somehow a great American military victory, who go on Sunday talk shows and pound their chests.”

“Have we been so long,” Dobbs asks, “in this despicable, long war that we’ve forgotten the sacrifice of so many thousands of our troops, the expenditure of so many trillions of dollars. Have our generals so little modesty, so little humility, about all they haven’t been able to achieve while leading the military of the world’s only super-power?”

He asks, “Have we all been so long without victory that we’ve forgotten what the word means? And how could the word not be mentioned at all, even once, after our Commander-in-Chief orders our military into action?”

“We are a bigger, far better nation than this, I believe,” Dobbs observes, “and so should be our generals and our leaders. We should have learned at least that lesson over all the years since September 11th. And for all our sakes, let’s repeat no more the mistakes of that sorry history.”

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3 Comments on Lou Dobbs – Chest Pounding Generals And Advisers Have Forgotten Meaning Of Victory

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // April 11, 2017 at 7:15 pm // Reply

    Yes, I agree, Lou is the best, praying he stays on Fox. The one person I detest that I believe Lou is forced to have on every night, is Ed Rollins, former Clinton/Teneo employee who hated Trump from the get go and had a Trump PAC that stated right at the bottom of the PAC that only $5.00 of every donation went to Trump. Where’d the rest go? To the Clintons? Lordy, but I really bed Fox forces him to have Rollins on. I mute it when he shows up.

  2. Good ol’ Lou… always a breath of fresh air. Too bad more don’t tune him in. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak anything but the truth. A great Patriot.

    • I’ve got another one ready to come out from him David, if you’re around you might like it – it’s good, maybe ten minutes

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