Loretta Lynch To Visit Favored Radical Mosque Of Obama, Johnson

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Just over a year ago, on December 7th of 2015, DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson made a visit to the Virginia-based All Dulles Area Muslim Society, also known deceptively by the American surname of the ADAMS Center. He gave a pandering, special privilege-promising speech accompanied by their Imam, Mohamed Magid. The Imam is believed to have Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas connections, which, of course, only makes him more attractive and in-dispensible as a partner to the Obama regime.

Now it’s Loretta Lynch’s turn. She’s announcing that she’ll visit the same mosque next week. It will be her first visit to a mosque in an official capacity since she took over as Attorney General from Eric Holder. She’s been active in promoting Islam in a variety of other ways, vocal in offering immediate assistance and the services of her compromised Justice Department to counter anything that might she might choose to perceive as hate speech or mere equality under the law. The First Amendment, according to Lynch, exists only on paper and in our minds; not in reality or in practice.

About the time a year ago, as Johnson was speaking at the ADAMS Center, Lynch was spewing her infamous comments at the Muslim Advocates dinner in which she touted the increased number of investigations, prosecutions, and convictions for “hate crimes” against Muslims, and the targeting of “intolerant” Americans by the DOJ civil rights division. She said, “I think it’s important however that, as we again talk about the importance of free speech, we make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not America. They are not who we are, they are not what we do and they will be prosecuted. So I want that message to be clear also.”

She wasn’t clear at all in regards to whether the action or simply the predication was enough to bring the DOJ down upon an American that saw themselves defined differently from the way she does it. She then went on to promise to prosecute threatening action against any “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence,” effectively outlawing free speech that is negative towards Muslims. Even just edging in that direction” is sufficient to bring an infestation of maggot-like civil rights lawyers.”

As noted by the Daily Caller, in 2002 the FBI raided the mosque in a counterterrorism effort called “Operation Green Quest.” It involved a network of non-profits connected to the ADAMS Center which federal documents indicate were “suspected of providing support to terrorists, money laundering, and tax evasion.” The homes of several top ADAMS Center officials were also raided as part of the investigation.

As further evidence of the Obama regime’s tolerance and sympathetic posturing towards Islamic terrorists, Obama appointed the ADAMS Imam Magid, terrorist connections and all, to be a member of the DHS Countering Violent Extremism working group. That’s a program where Islamists claim that others are the terrorists and that they are “moderates,” as they sit around with Jeh Johnson coming up with ideas for transferring money from the United States treasury into the pockets of radicals and their mosques, in the name of fighting terrorism.

We’ll see what kind of scheme Lynch rolls out in her visit. It’s surely already finalized, ready for the checks to be written once she makes her grand proclamations.

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3 Comments on Loretta Lynch To Visit Favored Radical Mosque Of Obama, Johnson

  1. When you are arrested, it is customary to raise both hands.

  2. Please ask yourself why any elected or appointed official of our constitutional republic would give “aid and comfort” to people whose oft-stated goal is to overthrow our government and install a theocratic, dictatorial Caliphate? Well?

    Islam’s supremacist ideology, the belief that Sharia must govern society, is the main cause of terrorism in our world, and has been since the seventh century. It may be summarily said that “orthodox” Islamic adherents are being “radicalized” and incited to violence in many Muslim mosques in the United States; and, the Obama Administration and other leftist-leaning progressives (like Loretta Lynch and Jeh Johnson) are aiding and abetting that process. **

    ** http://constitution.com/obama-orthodox-islam-radicalized-religion-america/

    Keep this in mind: The only place there is a “moderate Muslim,” is in the mind of a liberal who seeks to defend Islam.

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