Lordy Judge Jeanine – Destroys Calculating Leaker, Predator James Comey

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Oh Lordy, James Comey is a lying, calculating predator out to set up President Trump. That’s the opinion of Judge Jeanine Pirro, who knows Comey well, has worked with him and once had a great amount of respect for him. Those days are over.

She says, “What’s so amazing about this is Jim Comey comes across as someone who is so wily, so calculating – he’s a predator. He makes a decision that the President is going to lie to him before he even has his first meeting. And so he decides that he’s going to start recording or memorizing what was said in their conversations. And then he gets to the point where he says, ‘You know what, I’m going to leak this stuff now.’ Why is he so comfortable leaking?”

Judge Jeanine continues along that track, “What is it about his history, his background as a prosecutor? And what I would want to know is, is he the leaker? Is he the guy who is so comfortable? And the answer to why he didn’t leak it himself, about the seagulls and the beach and my wife was hogwash, it was a distraction. And you know what, he did the same thing just now with the Senator. What he said basically was, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” Well that doesn’t answer the question as to why someone else was asked.”

The fact that Comey leaked to a liberal professor that he has a close relationship tells Judge Jeanine that this is not the first time he’s leaked. She says, “It tells me that the guy’s a predator, that he’s looking to take the President down, and what he wanted to do is preserve himself. He is an operator, he is part of the Washington elite.”

Steve Doocy asks why Comey didn’t leak the details about the collusion between Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and himself regarding her crimes and how they conspired to protect her and thereby influence the election. Judge Jeanine says she’s outraged, “because this is where the investigations need to go. This is where Senate Intel needs to focus right now.

Kilmeade points to what he believes is being under reported, the statement by Comey that he was attempting to get a special prosecutor appointed by releasing the details of the supposed memo, asking, “Is this about revenge?”

Judge Jeanine replies, “It’s clearly about revenge. This is a setup. This is a predator who is setting up the President. As opposed to saying, ‘You know, Mr. President, I know you’re new to government and I know this isn’t something you’re comfortable with, but you know we’re really not supposed to be talking about his kind of thing. He could have helped him in a very simple way. He refused to do it.”

Kilmeade presents the farcical excuse that Comey offered in the Senate, that he froze. Pirro’s not buying it, saying, “Come on, Jim Comey’s not afraid of anything.” Harris Faulkner reminds us the statement Comey made at the time that “he’s not captain courage.” Pirro adds, “You know what, I love the way he nuanced that one himself.”

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  1. Deplorable Doctor // June 10, 2017 at 8:55 pm // Reply

    Bring James Comey before a Grand Jury ASAP!

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