London Witness – Fought 3 Attackers Stabbing Innocent People – Shouted Allahu Akbar

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An eyewitness to the terrorist attack in London identified as Jarod describes actually fighting off the attackers as well as being a witness to their senseless barbarism. In a thick British accent he describes going across the London Bridge and shortly afterwards coming upon a man lying on the ground saying “I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been stabbed.” His friend approached saying, “Someone stabbed my mate, someone stabbed my mate.”

Jarod says, “The next thing I saw these three Muslim guys run up with knives, they run up and start stabbing this girl, the three of them. I was defenseless, I couldn’t do nothing, mate. And then they attacked her and then they stabbed another guy I think, if I’m right, I was shocked.”

He describes someone shouting out “everybody run, they’re terrorists, everybody run, run, run, they’re stabbing everyone. He’s difficult to understand as he describes going to the Borough Market and being chased by the terrorists as he ran into the bars warning people. The terrorists attacked him as he did, attempting to stab him as well as stabbing other pub clientele along the way.

He quotes them as saying, “This is for Allah,” before stabbing one woman ten to fifteen times. He describes throwing things and knocking one or two of them backwards as he attempted to stop the carnage, at which point the terrorists zeroed in on him, with him running for his life and escaping.

Keep kidding yourselves, Britain, Europe and America. There’s only one group that is so dearth or moral character that they engage in this type of depraved, insane barbarism or that would even consider it. If Christians were doing this there would be unanimous outrage and their leadership would be condemning the acts. That component is missing from Islam. There is little condemnation, they simply accept it.

Perhaps they view it as inevitable, given their master plan of conquest. If the sheep continue to accept being slaughtered, they have every reason to feel that way. You sheep of Britain need to arm yourselves. Given the deterioration of your situation, you may need to require extensive background checks for your weapons permits, but you people had better get some handguns into the possession of your citizens, and fast.

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5 Comments on London Witness – Fought 3 Attackers Stabbing Innocent People – Shouted Allahu Akbar

  1. Deplorable Doctor // June 4, 2017 at 10:29 pm // Reply

    Brits! Get a gun and defend yourselves. Americans saved you from Germany, but now is the time to step up and defend yourselves!

  2. Very well. Here goes:

    This was my response to a blog on the Manchester attack that was full of comments by brain-dead apathetic liberals. Although it may sound cold to an extent this is how I truly see the Brits, Eruos, and their situation:

    While I grieve for the innocent children I feel absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for the voting age adults and parents. You worthless candy-assed Brits have brought this all upon yourselves. You fail to do anything reasonable to help yourselves in correcting your situation. YOU ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CARNAGE. You refuse to arm your cops and allow your citizens the right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves. Your apathy and sympathy for these savage people(s) that perpetrate such horrific acts against you proves nothing more than you people are your own worst enemy. You openly detest and make fun of Americans exercising our rights as a free people to provide for our own personal and individual defense yet you prove far beyond what is minimally necessary that you all are far more detestable and pathetically ignorant than what you detest in the USA.

    I will NOT vote for any assistance to you AT ALL as your attitudes are every bit as cowardly as the acts of the terrorists themselves. You worthless fools are on your own – to hell with you all.

  3. I think your narrative here is absolutely 100% accurate. About a week ago after the Manchester attack I posted a narrative on another blog. I’ve been told since that I was “harsh”. I was brutally honest but not vulgar. I don’t know if you want it posted here but what I stated then is only reinforced by this latest dual event and your narrative above.

    • sure, GRA, why don’t you send it to me at [email protected] or if another way is easier or better for you let me know. I have to temper/ self-censor to keep from pulling me and dinging my traffic, can’t say Muslim in the headline and stuff like that, but otherwise the reality is harsh, the truth has to be told. Put GRA in the subject line so I can spot it. It’s pretty full usually and easy to miss stuff.

  4. Kitty Corbett // June 4, 2017 at 11:58 am // Reply

    Easy for me to say, as I wasn’t there and can’t be sure how I would react to seeing some nut job stab a woman 15 times; but 15 times? And he did nothing? I don’t think that would happen in Texas, or even in South Carolina, for that matter. I presume there were more patrons in the bar than terrorists. Don’t the Brits know anything about martial arts, self defense, or bar fights? Maybe that’s what happens to a population denied the right to bear arms.

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