London – More Attacks Won’t Stop Until Problem Eliminated At The Border

london attack


Here we go again, another European terrorist attack and more of the same politicians vowing to stand “shoulder to shoulder” while not having any intention of doing anything different, something that might require a little political courage, including the adoption of politically insensitive, realistic positions.

Instead of tackling the terrorist problem at its source, they’ll pretend to be talking and meeting with other “important and wise” people who are equally gutless and many clueless and claim to be hammering out a “solution.” That’s really just political double speak for saying they’ll wait for the whole thing to blow over, the attention to die down and the demand for action to subside.

Recommendations that are forthcoming will be a tightening down on individual freedoms, to a degree an unavoidable concession for security at this point, and more focus on intercepting would-be attackers prior to their engaging in their assaults. That’s great but it doesn’t address the underlying cause, the influx of Islamists, many of whom are angry, feel entitled, and are vengeful and blood-thirsty. We all recognize that no other religious group across the globe engages in widespread terrorist acts of violence against innocent people, including children. The question is merely one of how much barbarism are we willing to accept in exchange for not hurting anyone’s feelings or being called bad names ourselves, as well as how much complicity from gutless political types.

The proclamations that, with just a little more of a money and manpower dedicated to security and tighter restrictions they can get a grip on the terrorist problem are half measures and doomed to failure. It’s like claiming you can stop the flood of water from a leaking roof by getting a bigger bucket. It helps, but what has to happen is for the storm to subside and the flooding influx of water to stop. Then the bailing can take on meaning. Until the incoming water or flood of jihadis, their sympathizers and enablers is stopped, bailing and deporting is a defensive response that cannot eliminate the problem or, in the case of terrorism, prevent it from recurring.

Vetting of the extreme nature that President Trump has proposed and the globalists have successfully stymied for the time being, is the only way to avoid a complete shutting off of immigration from problem nations. Britain may have recognized the nature of the problem but none of their leaders has sufficiently addressed it. The influx continues and so will the terrorist attacks.

In addition to preventing new terrorist threats from entering, eliminating problem individuals from their midst is critical. Foreigners can be deported, Brits who have associated with terrorist organizations can have their citizenship stripped and be exiled. Dealing with the others will be more difficult but something will have to be done. Build more prisons if necessary, medicate them, whatever it takes. Nigel Farage recently noted that Brits were informed they have 23,000 suspected jihadis on their soil already. It’s a number too great to defend against.

The Hungarians, Poles, Romanians, and yes, even those “dastardly Russians,” are willing to identify the problem and have stood up to the globalist George Soros and his EU lackeys that are propagating it. While Russia isn’t part of Europe they’re certainly impacted by Soros and the other predatory globalist influences. The cowardice of European officials has created the problem, cowardly officials will not be able to correct it. Unfortunately, Theresa May is a coward, as is Jeremy Corbyn.

This problem is going to persist until the slaughter becomes so offensive that the people of Britain and Europe begin to care more about their families than the hurt feelings of their would-be conquerors. The population dilution may reach a point where there are more supporters of terrorism than opponents. At that point or likely before, Britain would effectively no longer be Britain or our ally. They or any other similarly afflicted country might even be designated as a terrorist nation, a stunning fall that is being engineered by Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and the EU Commission.

Donald Trump will then be hailed as a true statesman, the man who saved America from becoming “another Great Britain.”


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6 Comments on London – More Attacks Won’t Stop Until Problem Eliminated At The Border

  1. Roger Charlesworth // June 5, 2017 at 1:42 am // Reply

    I was enjoying your article and was about to copy it to FB when I read your brief comment that Jeremy Corbyn is a coward. I like statements like that to have some basis of observation or fact, not just a toss-out or the writer may well legitimately be considered a tosser by his audience. I represent by my own observation a massive number of Brits who support JC 100% and rightly take exception to remarks only attributable to tossers.

    • what’s he done to correct the problem? He’s been in parliament for a long time, all he does is drivel out leftist crap, that I’ve heard, granted I don’t follow it to the degree that you may in living there, but he’s open borders and that’s what got you into this mess. He’s still preaching unity and tolerance and don’t blame the organization that is bringing all this to you – that’s gonna get more Brits killed, that’s more weak faux leadership. We’ve had our share of weak “leaders,” with Obama being the worst but Carter, Ford, – the pirate bushes and clinton weren’t leaders they were exploiters – Corbyn’s no better, opposed return to self-rule under Brexit, he’s globalist open borders trash, in this foreigner’s opinion – maybe he’ll win and prove me wrong.

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // June 4, 2017 at 3:40 pm // Reply

    Lets hope England, like France will invite all the libturds to move to Great Britain. That will help solve some of the U. S. problems.

  3. Andrew W. Matheson // June 4, 2017 at 2:07 pm // Reply

    Hi There,
    I find Your Comments on Terrorism and Other Topics to B Most Interesting at Times. Its NOT a Case of Will IT Happen in Canada or the States – BUT WHEN! Its far Cheaper for Gvmnt Leaders to Shut Up and B so Called “Politically Correct” Because They DON’T have the Guts to Say Things as They Are BECAUSE They Don’t Want to
    “Offend” so Called Muslims. Tough Shits! Say it Like it Is. When IT Comes to Violence, Its NOT Going to B Jews, Christians, Buddists or Others etc, Its ALWAYS Going to B MUSLIMS. Make NO Mistake About It. Islam is
    NO “Religion of Peace” by any Means. Time to Take “Radical Islamic Terrorism” for what it Is, A “Terrorist
    Religion” and Fight Back Come Hell or High Water.If it Means Going to War – SO B IT.


  4. Europe is one enormous gun-free zone. The fatal attacks will continue until such time the Euros stop being a soft target. It’s really that simple.

    • Certainly that’s part of the equation, GRA – I’ve included that in my comments, think it’s the next article, one I just finished – They need to quit inviting the enemy into their camp as well. Good to hear from you.

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