Illegal alien squatters locked arms, forming a human wall to block Americans attending a required second vote nullifying the Calif sanctuary law by the Los Alamitos…

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The City of Los Alamitos, California, held a second vote as required by law on their ordinance nullifying the illegal sanctuary state policies of California. Some of the innumerable illegal alien squatters and their activists in southern California came out to disrupt the proceedings, chant, play Mexican music, and engage in the general chaos creation that Democrats have told them is how things are done in the US.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Noting the illegal’s hypocrisy, patriot Gary Galino points to a large percentage of the squatter agitators who have linked arms and formed a human wall blocking the Americans from easily accessing the meeting. He asks the illegals, who are chanting the lie that “this is our home,” why they’re building a wall when they’re supposed to be against walls and for open borders.

None of them answered his questions. Maybe they just don’t speak or comprende that gringo lingo. It’s interesting that the cheerleader for the illegals is saying “We must obey the law,” when it come to the state sanctioned violation of federal immigration laws. So they must obey laws that favor them and defy those that don’t – got you, amigo.

There are a couple guys with SEIU union t-shirts on in the crowd as well, recruiting and representing foreigners over Americans, in service to the open border Democrats, their fellow communists. The announcer, who has no business being in our country in the first place, preaches to those gathered that there is no place for racism in this city.

He’s the racist, equating defending one’s nation against invasion with a practice of discrimination based upon skin color is a favorite racist Democrat attack in their war on white people, particularly straight white men.

It’s our country, Mexican and Central American boys and girls. You don’t belong here and the American people want you out. You can demand anything you want but you’re not going to get it – unless you want a bus ticket home. That could be arranged.

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