Liz Wheeler – More Insane Leftist Hand-Wringing Over Trump Comments Than 7 Murders

liz wheeler


Liz Wheeler shows a graphic of the three terrorists who went on the murderous rampage on the London Bridge, running down pedestrians and stabbing and slashing innocent bar patrons, noting that the 23,000 people like them in the UK are not the ones that the jihadi mayor of London wants to ban. The one guy the Muslim antagonist has singled out to dis-invite from the country is our President, because he hurt the jihadi London Mayor, who identifies more with the attackers than the victims, Sadiq Khan’s feelings. There’s nothing worse than that to these entitled, self-absorbed cry babies.

Wheeler compliments the mayor on his priorities, pointing out the liberal suggestions of one Islamist named Mehdi Hasan, who, as a Muslim is evidently considered to be an expert on terrorism. His wisdom borders on something Dr. Seuss would offer, minus the clever rhymes, saying, “There is, by definition, only one way to really defeat terrorism. To refuse to be terrorized.”

Wheeler doesn’t quite agree with the wise jihadi, pointing out, “Well, refusing to be terrorized didn’t stop the London killers from killing, did it? Hugs and kisses and love and tolerance is not the way to defeat radical Islamist terrorism. She points out what liberals did not propose we do to fight ISIS, “Kill the ideology and kill the terrorists. The only way to really defeat ISIS and keep our people safe.”

She notes how the hypocrite liberals protest outside of Trump Tower but not outside radicalized mosques where radical imams preach violent jihad and radicalized youth to inspire terror attacks against Americans and Brits and the French and the entire world who doesn’t bow to the feet of their caliphate.”

Wheeler describes the perversion and contradiction saying, “Liberals freak out about climate change, global warming, carbon footprints and polar bears. John Kerry warns us this is the end of the world as we know it. All the while I haven’t heard a single Democrat politician, here or in the UK go on TV and say, this year alone, we’ve suffered 924 terror attacks at the hand of radical Islamists. In 46 countries around the world, 6,641 people have been killed by Islamist terrorists this year, 7,283 more injured.”

She shows a graphic from London’s jihadi mayor in which he states, “Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe. It risks alienating mainstream Muslims. London has proven him wrong.” Wheeler says, “Let that sink in for a moment. The same party that decries Islamophobia is suggesting that all Muslims are vulnerable to commit terror attacks if they get their feelings hurt.

Actually, London and every other city overrun with violent Islamists and their supporters has proven President Trump right. Good luck with that tourism after your boys’ murderous rampage, Mayor.

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  1. “Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe. It risks alienating mainstream Muslims.” Excuse me, jihad mayor, but ALL Muslims read from the same Koran. All Muslims hate the infidels. All Muslims are waiting for their call to jihad from Mohammed. There are not really any “extremist Muslims”. The ones bombing and running over innocent people or the stabbing deaths of innocents. Where the hell is the public outcries from the “mainstream Muslims”. There is no public outcry! That’s why! Why are there no Muslims wounded or killed in any of these cowardly attacks? BECAUSE THEY WERE FOREWARNED NOT TO BE THERE! Look at videos from previous days, before the attacks, and count the Muslims in these areas on an everyday occurrance. There are Muslims in those areas but NOT on the days of the attack(s)! Coincidence? Absolutely NOT! There are no mainstream Muslims! Only those who are awaiting their call from Mohammed before they spring into their murderous role(s). You say, “Trump is ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe!” I say Trump has seen what Islam is about, like millions of others around the world and wants to keep America and Americans safe. That, to many Americans, is what our president was elected for. We finally get a president that nobody calls a pussy and the world cannot stand this! Protect your people, jihad mayor, that’s what you were elected for! Not for you to protect only your Islamic residents!

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