Little Jared Speaks – Isn’t There An After School Program He Can Be Placed In?

jared kushner

While it’s true that there is no justification for the witch hunt against President Trump aside from the current ongoing coup attempt, our President does appear to be a bit myopic when it comes to seeing the injurious reality of having the Kushners as advisers. Jared is making that all too evident to many of us through this rare public address.

As Kushner prepared to speak, having never heard an utterance from him before, many had hoped for something other than what it looked like we were about to get. Maybe he’d surprise us with one of those deep, 60s or 70s DJ or television voices that would belie his appearance. No such luck.

From the appearance that Ivanka dressed him, combed his hair, trimmed his nails and then sent him out the door like he was running late for the school bus, to address the crowd, this guy screams mamma’s boy.

He likely more than once had to dispatch his body guards to stop the “mean boys” on the monkey bars from “messing with” him. It could have happened as recently as last week and nobody would be surprised. He exudes all of the testosterone and manliness of a Barbie doll.

As he introduces himself one almost expects to hear pubescent voice cracking as he says, “I am Senior Adviser to President Donald J. Trump.” How he could be senior anything beyond a senior in college is mind boggling, but that’s the state of our country and unfortunately, segments of the Trump administration.

At 36-years-old and looking barely more than half that, Kushner calls serving in the White House the honor and privilege of a lifetime. How would he know? But this guy who likely hid in the classrooms until the bullies went home or hid behind the teachers’ skirts and had them escort him out, is grateful that he can apply those same skills to the search for Middle East peace and reinvigorating America’s innovative spirit.

Our spirit is doing great without any of this metro-sexual’s influence, thank you. And he might want to exercise caution as he strives for peace in the Middle East. He shouldn’t be shocked if someone tries to throw him off a building. It’s a mistake waiting to happen. He might want to avoid Afghanistan altogether.

He says he’s always focused on his goals and left it to others to work on the media and public perception components. That’s quite understandable – the less that is known about this liberal activist infiltrating what should be patriotic, sovereignty-respecting conservative ranks, the better off he is.

He says he had no Russian contacts and he hasn’t relied upon Russian funds for his businesses. After all, George Soros is Hungarian, and, in addition to money he got from his daddy, the Kushner family has been soliciting in China, packaging visas with investments. He doesn’t need the Russians and Russian collusion is a Democrat hoax.

Those making the accusations are just rotten to their black heart Democrats using him as a tool to get to our President. They know better than anyone else that there’s no truth to their claims. The fact that they’re a useful tool of the left might be a good excuse, if President Trump is looking for one, for getting the Kushner couple out of the administration.

Recognize that they don’t fit with your agenda, Mr. President. Send Princess Jared and Princess Ivanka back to their castle in New York and leave them there. That’s where liberal Democrats belong. They have no place in influential roles inside the Trump administration. Remember, Mr. President, it’s our agenda too and we don’t want this schmuck or his Clinton-loving wife getting in the way.


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7 Comments on Little Jared Speaks – Isn’t There An After School Program He Can Be Placed In?

  1. I can’t believe he’s 36 years old. He looks and sounds like he’s about 15 (Dick Clark type maybe?). His message was just so-so. Didn’t have a lot of force in that voice (guess he can’t help the lack of testosterone). But Kusher and Ivanka are known Democrats, liberals of the first order. If that’s not a crime in a Republican Presidency, I don’t know what is.

  2. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // July 25, 2017 at 10:34 pm // Reply

    Politics is a Ruthless, heartless, GO for the throat to kill your opponent dirty business so trying to stay clean above the fray….being nice and talking nice will get this poor Trump family members any where…the Evil, Demonic DemonRats love to take people down, apart it is all just a Sport for them.

  3. He’s such a sweet young boy. I wonder what he’ll grow up to be? I always dreamed of being a garbage collector. But, that was before I learned about working for the government.

  4. Deplorable Doctor // July 25, 2017 at 10:19 am // Reply

    I did not vote for Jared Kushner; however,his address to the Public was straightforward and appeared to be more honest the most inside the Beltway!

  5. we don’t want this schmuck or his Clinton-loving wife getting in the way.
    Spot on!

    Between the G20 agenda items and parts of the Climate accord, which I understand we are not completely out of, the process and this schmuck are driving the social justice wing of the WH.

  6. Hannu mikkonen // July 25, 2017 at 9:14 am // Reply

    I think this article is a little brutal I don’t really appreciate the slant

  7. Good one Rick Wells! Jared and Ivanka need to return home and raise their family!

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