Limbaugh – Trump Isolated By Dems And Failure-First GOP Sellouts In Congress

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Limbaugh takes a short but thorough trip back over the past eight-plus years since the Obama nightmare first began and the ineptitudes and false promises of the Republicans began to come to the forefront.

After gradually overtaking power from the Democrats and now holding both chambers of Congress as well as the White House, the Republicans have no more excuses and it is their worst nightmare come true. They have to govern, they have to fulfill their promises or be exposed for the frauds, legislative weaklings and do-nothing sellouts that used to hide behind the Democrats and make excuses.

They’re still making excuses but it’s not helping their cause. It’s only continuing to expose them as the phonies they are. The clouds of misdirection and distraction have been lifted from their deception by the opportunity Americans have given them and their failure to make any moves towards capitalizing on it. They can’t govern, they can barely stand up on two legs.

While the whole video is good, Limbaugh really nails it in the last couple of minutes, beginning at about the 7:10 point, when he asks, “What happens when the President of the United States is a Republican and the rest of his party is doing everything it can to undermine him and his agenda? What happens?”

Limbaugh asks, “What’s in the minds of Republican members of the House and Senate? After two years of openly opposing Trump, openly thwarting, after seven years of promises, and now the chance to do it all? The Republicans have a chance to do everything they said they were going to do. They control Washington, electorally.” He notes that under the current Senate rules eight Democrats in the Senate can bottle things up. Okay, change the rules, Senator McConnell, let’s get to work.

He continues, “But they haven’t gotten one thing done legislatively. Tax cuts, the Democrats can’t stop, folks, they have an opportunity to do everything they have been promising to do – a once in a career opportunity. They’re never going to have this kind of power. And what are they doing? Nothing.”

Limbaugh observes, “In fact, it’s worse than nothing. It appears to outsiders that they are part of the effort to thwart and stop Trump. Do they think this behavior is going to be rewarded with reelection? Do they think that the American voters are going to blame all of this on Trump and reelect Republicans and try and get rid of Trump?”

He adds, “And what does Trump do when it comes time to run for reelection? Does he run as a Republican or does he say ‘This party isn’t going to exist, this party is killing itself, this party’s eating itself, this party’s committing suicide – I’m not going to be a part of it.’ There’s a lot of questions here.”

They’re questions wrapped in increasingly open seditious treachery.  The mechanisms of our government have been corrupted to the point that they have become the adversary of the American people and our Constitution. Viewed from the inside, as President Trump is now able to do, he appears to be stunned and somewhat overwhelmed at the extent to which we have been compromised and taken over, doing his best to grapple with it but needing some help in the process.

Aside from the American people he represents and who support him and his family, President Trump has no one he can trust. He’s the enemy of the deep state, which controls Congress and the bureaucracy and they’re treating him as such. This is not going to end well.

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