Like Your Obamacare, Keep Your Obamacare – Lewis Wasn’t Careful What He Wished For

john lewis


The most important component to bear in mind as the lying racially exploitative political hack, Rep John Lewis, engages in his hypocritical partisan political rant is that he’s railing against the existing bill, Obamacare, that he and his commie comrades forced down America’s throats. He, along with Nancy  Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid, Elijah Cummings, Chuck Schumer, Luis Gutierrez and all of the other “pass it first, read it later” partisan Democrat communists, inflicted upon us the very bill that he now demands the people be protected from.

He does so as he represents the now failed Ryancare that would have bailed their sorry butts out as being insufficient. Thankfully, the Freedom Caucus and others stood strong against Ryancare and the Republicans slipped off the hook.  Okay, Mr. Civil Rights Icon, you got your wish, the GOP bill was pulled. You fix your own mess.

Listening to the comments of this grandstanding drama queen, it’s painfully evident that had the Republicans passed anything, they would have simply transferred ownership of the House and Senate to the Democrats in 2018 and had nothing to show for it in return. Ryancare didn’t fix anything, all it did was erase the “D” and attach an “R” to the “made by” responsibility label. As it continued to implode, the Democrats would have mercilessly attacked what they themselves had created as being great until the Republicans came along and messed everything up.

The laughable overacting Lewis said, “I ask you, Mr. Speaker, who will stand for the American people, who will speak up for those who have been left out?” If there are people who were left out of Obamacare, considering it was a fully and wholly Democrat bill and law, does it not follow that they were left out and left behind by the Democrats? Why didn’t you include everybody, Lewis – do you hate poor folks?

Lewis continued, “Healthcare is a right, it is not a privilege reserved for a wealthy few.” So, same question, Lewis, why did you and your group leave them out to start with and why, now, are you blaming someone else? He calls the bill a shame and a disgrace; that’s fine. It’s history now anyway and if that was really how he felt and not just the usual partisan political theatrics, he should have voted no, everyone who feels that way should. But why is it necessary, given that the Democrats had their way and constructed Obamacare exactly how they wanted it, in service to the insurance and abortion industries?

John has a lot of trouble placing the “s” in the right places on his words, as he describes how his heart break and it ache for women and senior. This guy talks for a living and his fellow Democrat idiots even applauded this pathetic broken English rant. Lewis says “We cannot aban our principles” and pledges, “I will fight any bill that turn the clock back to a darker time,” like before they had English classes in public schools, presumably.

 After pledging, “Mr. Speaker, I will fight every day, every hour, every minute and every second,” he’s going to have a lot of spare time now that  it’s been pulled. He’ll have “every breath and every bone in his body available to devote to fixing the Obamacare disaster he helped create. No longer does he have to look across the aisle to see the enemy. He need only look inward, or down at his shoes, at what he just stepped in, if that’s easier. It’s him and his fellow Democrats who are to blame. Get busy cleaning up your mess.

And why is it again that your bill has to be rescued and is on the verge of collapse as soon as Obama leaves office? Was it being propped up by subsidies which were the only thing preventing it from collapsing long ago, paid as a tax and a commie form of wealth redistribution? Yes, as a matter of fact it was, so collapse was inevitable. They knew that from the beginning.


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