Libtard Springsteen Trashes Trump – Mocks President In Australian Concert

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The piece of liberal trash that did his best to put the treasonous, profiteering criminal Hillary Clinton into office as the president of the United States, Bruce Springsteen, happened to be doing a concert in Australia on Thursday. It came in the hours following the phone conversation between our President of the American people and their Prime Minister who serves the global elites, Malcolm Turnbull.

Springsteen, who on his best day is merely an embarrassment to the American people and our nation, wasn’t having one of those “best days” on Thursday. He chose to make a mock our president internationally, on foreign soil, proving his “Born in the USA” image as a patriot is little more than cheap, synthetic marketing.

Springsteen told the assembled Australians, who are likely no better informed about the state of affairs in the US than his typical liberal US audience, that he was embarrassed. Few patriotic Americans or Australians can stomach his hypocrisy or the thought of wasting their money to attend one of his events. Therefore he was in friendly libtard territory; no boos could be heard emanating from his captive foreign audience in response to his pathetic political demonstration.

Probably fancying himself as quite cute and clever, Springsteen told his audience, “We stand before you embarrassed Americans, tonight. The crowd obviously has no clue what he’s talking about, as he follows his comments up with a stupid school girl giggle. Springsteen has every reason to be both embarrassed and ashamed, but not for anything our president has done. His own despicable conduct in mocking our president in a foreign land for his efforts to defend and protect the people of our nation is humiliating to any patriotic American.

He continues, “This is a song from 1965 by the Orlons we’re going to use to send a letter back home.” He then goes on to perform a substandard cover of their song, “Don’t Hang Up,” doing neither them, it or the people of the United States justice.”

Great job, libtard, of demeaning the United States abroad, just as your hero Hussein Obama used to love to do. He’s probably proud of you, and between the two of you, there’s one American who thinks what you did was funny. Unfortunately for the rest of us, you, unlike him, do appear to have been born in the USA and we’re stuck with you for a few more years.

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