Libtard Judge Sides With Terrorists To Halt Travel Ban – Usurps President Trump

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A state that is possibly more screwed up than California, Washington, is the source of the latest assault against the rights of the American people to live our lives as we choose without the fear of Islamic terrorism and it’s facilitators intruding. Washington has chosen to oppose the American people and to assist in the invasion of our nation and the creation of a caliphate in North America.

A corrupt judge, clearly a political tool of the global establishment and the assault on the American people, has ruled that foreigners have a right to come to the United States as they choose, and if there is a terrorist risk, so be it, that’s life and death in America. Seattle and Washington State in general are certainly distinguishing themselves as worthy locations for the next terror attack. They’re begging for it and they richly deserve to feel the consequences of their reckless actions that are putting the rest of the nation at risk.

There should be repercussions to aiding and abetting the enemy, terrorists and their supporters. Maybe they’re just trying to spread the risk to the rest of us. With all of that coastline and international border perhaps they’re trying to draw more of the terrorist interest to the interior, to Tennessee or Nebraska. No, they’re America-hating zealots, out to foil the efforts of securing this nation and follow the footsteps of Hussein Obama, likely in service to the same masters, in our destruction.

In essence, hack judge Robart ruled that foreigners may have a right to come to the United States and that the President of the United States, despite the Constitutional power to do so and every predecessor in modern history acting in that capacity, cannot regulate immigration, even in defense of the nation. He’ll decided after he’s had a chance to draw things out, create more of an uproar and “study it.” His decision is already made, undoubtedly, but he’s got to make the most of it, sell it to the people, get every bang for his sponsor’s agitator buck.

Who does arrogant would-be dictator think he is, we might ask. He has usurped the office of the president unconstitutionally, siding and ruling against the Constitution. He is a George W. Bush appointee, which could help explain his globalist tendencies and his actions. We know what he is, he’s an activist liberal agitator under a black robe. In August he closed out a hearing with the declaration from the bench of “Black Lives Matter.” It was a hearing in which the Seattle Police Department is being federalized under the guise of “civil rights.”

According to the Washington State Attorney General’s website, “The Temporary Restraining Order will remain in place until U.S. District Court Senior Judge James L. Robart considers the Attorney General’s lawsuit challenging key provisions of the President’s order as illegal and unconstitutional. If AG Ferguson prevails, the Executive Order would be permanently invalidated nationwide.

So the same lone twit that decided, by himself, that he could overrule the President of the United States, the Constitution and decades of precedent is the same ass that will be rendering the final decision? Surely there is a full panel to hear the case and then the Supreme Court. It’s very important that Judge Gosuch be confirmed as quickly as possible.

This is just the next stage of the Democrat assault on America and their challenge to President Trump. They lost the executive branch, they lost Congress, they have no other options but to press their anti-America agenda through the corrupt judges in the Judiciary. Judge Robart fit that bill perfectly.

Americans must realize that the Democrats are no longer a political party. They are an anti-American subversive group that has commandeered a political party and is operating under that disguise for the destruction of America. After this, there should be no more questions of the veracity of that fact.

Notice the disdain with which the leftie Reuters reporter in the video below says “Trump,” only calling him President Trump once. It’s also noteworthy that there in one week, as the supposed number of canceled visas reported indicates, there were 60,000 visas from these seven terrorists nations. As Tammy Bruce said, we’re giving these things out like candy. Thanks to President Trump for bringing it to the forefront and putting a stop to the insanity.

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