Liberals Freak As Hallowed Hatred Grammy Grounds Are Infiltrated By Trump Supporter

joy villa grammy


We can imagine the reaction to their firsthand experience one of the celebrities at the Grammy awards, Joy Villa appeared on the red carpet in a Trump Make America Great Again dress. For maximum effect and likely as a proactive means of self-defense, and to prevent being thrown out before she gets ten feet, Villa wore a white dress that looked a lot like a bed sheet to cover her controversial Trump gown.  She then removed her protective outer layer once she was on the red carpet, in full view of the shocked libtards and, more importantly, the cameras. She achieved her objective, making by far the most talked about fashion statement of the evening.

Revealing gowns that go to within a micrometer of violating television broadcast guidelines are fine and considered normal for this event. Liberal anti-American rhetoric is encouraged as well, as it is in most areas of the entertainment world where the America-hating globalists exert their career make or break influences.

But not a word in support for the President or his policies is to be uttered lest the guilty party be black-balled in the future. A positive comment about President Trump is about as welcome as a fart at a dinner party, the kind of stuff that can bring all kinds of scorn and ridicule upon the offender.

The left would have immediately portrayed Villa as a Trump racist were it not for the inconvenience of her being black. They maintain that only white folks can be racists so that natural knee jerk reaction was taken away. Instead the wise, condescending, snarky liberals were left to insults on Twitter. That’s not very satisfying, but they’ve got their ace in the hole. They can still try to destroy her career. That’s not a certainty though as not acting like a leftist agitator greatly benefited Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl.

It’s possible that this not so well known pop artist could become a pop star based upon her support of America’s president. That would really set some liberal heads to spinning. As awful as pop is, some of us regular folks who are well beyond the millennial age might just have to offer a little patronage of some sort, our way of saying, “well done,” and rubbing some libtard noses in it. Then again, maybe not. We’ve got our stomachs and our mental health to consider. A hearty “well done” should be sufficient.

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